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L like eLephant… A to Z Challenge

Yes, I’m back to my “A to Z Challenge”! Why now? Well, lately I have noticed that some people have visited some rather old posts of mine… Some I didn’t even remember. I always find it fun to go back to stories that have been on the bookshelf for a while, and think “Not too…… Continue reading L like eLephant… A to Z Challenge

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Someone, Who I Was Not – Notthedane56

  If my words, weren’t my own if I tried to be someone who I was not would she look through me stripping away my covers undressing my less than savory thoughts about her? Pretending to be someone, whose words professed to belong to someone else, hidden away, tempting others to read along, thoughts and…… Continue reading Someone, Who I Was Not – Notthedane56

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#November Notes – 2017

November is coming… With its grey weather and lowering temperatures. Inspiration sometimes takes a punch in the throat when fall hits. And I am very happy to know that the #NovemberNotes Challenge is back this year, held by Sarah Doughty, Rosema and Máh! Join in, and let yourself be inspired by these 30 songs throughout the…… Continue reading #November Notes – 2017

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M – Part Fifteen

  It isn’t quite 9 o’clock yet when I wake up, fresh as a rose. I can’t believe it, I outran my alarm clock! I’ll be damned! I think the last time I woke up before that devil’s invention did its job, was on Christmas back when I was a kid. I knew Santa had…… Continue reading M – Part Fifteen

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What I prefer…

Via Today’s Daily Prompt: Prefer   Every cut, every invasion leaves its scar… He said.  Wise words indeed, but what I what I prefer is the sweet sweet moment just when the pain subsides… For a short little while. Before….