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You’re going to miss the Daily Post?

You loved the Daily Post?  So did we! And seeing how people were going to miss the daily inspiration, Dee proposed to take over and offer an alternative to Daily Post’s fans. I offered my help, and so did Kristian and Kate. As a team, we’ll do our best to build a new inspiring haven.…… Continue reading You’re going to miss the Daily Post?

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Run, run as fast as you can…

A little while back, Trina asked for a little help. A child in nursery, in Stirling, UK, is playing a fun game with the kids, and I couldn’t resist participating. It is just too cute! In short, they made gingerbread men with the kids, and pretended that one of them escaped the nursery and ran…… Continue reading Run, run as fast as you can…

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Perfect evening out – #1MinFiction

  The perfect little black dress. Maybe a tad too classy for the occasion, but I knew he’d like it anyway… Sipping on my cocktail, an eye discreetly staring at the entrance… It would have been the perfect evening out, had I not been waiting for about an hour when my cell phone vibrated on…… Continue reading Perfect evening out – #1MinFiction

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Nice try – #1MinFiction

  So… I’m guessing that didn’t go well? He pulled the daisies from his ripped shirt. He had not hoped for a warm reconciliation, but this was a little over the top, even for her. He had just forgotten her birthday, after all! When Peter asked if she had served him the “talk to the…… Continue reading Nice try – #1MinFiction

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The Doll – #1MinFiction

-It is absolutely perfect! Turning the doll over in her hands, she was amazed by the details. She’d had some doubts, but it was well worth the price. And the wait. The doll maker turned to her… -Do you have that lock of hair, we talked about? She handed it over the counter. -He is so…… Continue reading The Doll – #1MinFiction

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Blurry and vague…

  After deserting me in the throes of cathexis, don’t you dare wonder why even my shadow is now so blurry and so vague…     Via today’s Daily Prompt: Vague