I received complaints advices regarding this page…

It seems some people want to know more about me, so I made a list of relevent facts that will help you understand the author of all the shenanigans you are about to read. Special you, you’ll probably be disapointed, since you are already aware of most (if not all) of it, but I’ll try to surprise you another time, if you still like surprises that is…

  1. I LOVE Denmark. If you think you know someone who loves Denmark more than me, please let me know… I’d like to battle him/her in any kind of way (except physically… yeah, meh… I’m kind of a wuss)
  2. If you can’t stand the use of the word “dang”, you’re in the wrong place…. Get out! Dang you!!
  3. There will be some occasional French posts… French being my mother tongue. Feel free to skip… They don’t make more sense than the English ones, especially after going through Googgle Translate!
  4. Did I mention my interest in Denmark? No? I LOOOVE Denmark, if Denmark was a man, I’d marry him. But to my knowledge, it is not legal yet to marry a country. Not just yet…
  5. I am training to become a Valkyrie. So be nice in your comments, or don’t leave any… You wouldn’t want me to come and get your soul when my training’s over, would you?
  6. Denmark rules! (that’s it!)
  7. I don’t trust the Internets…. So since you found me here, you might want to consider not trusting everything you read!
  8. You need a Google browser open and ready to go if you want to experience my blog to the fullest… Yeah, I’m interactive like that! Sometimes, I go the easy way and give up a link, but most of the time, I don’t…  It’s called “Google with me!”

Ok, I think this should be enough to start with…

I hope you enjoy your visit, and leave me a little note on your way out!


Cyranny xx




Since the beginning of this blogging adventure, a lot has happened. I’ve made friends, grown a pool of readers I wouldn’t even have dreamed of when I clicked on that “submit” button back in November 2015, and my writing has evolved with my various moods. 

I have been to Denmark too! Not once, not twice but three glorious times! Yes, this lucky girl has set foot in Vikingland in May 2016, February 2017 and September of the same year! That’s a lot of exclamation points, you might think? I agree, but it is just so exciting to snuggle with those memories, and to think about going back. Because hey! If I could go thrice, why not once more??

If you are a regular of The Cove, and have been around for a while, Thank you! Every read, every “like” and every comment makes a difference, and keeps me going. I am grateful for your attention, and for the precious time you decide to spend with me. 

If you are new to The Cove, Warmest welcome! I hope you’ll find something to your liking in here, and that you’ll leave with a smile. I didn’t create this blog to teach anything, or to inspire… It is just a little place to sit back, relax and have fun! Don’t hesitate to leave me a little note if you are visiting. I love to mingle. Hop in the conversation, no need to be shy!

Hugs from Freezingland!

Cyranny xx


P.S. Dear Ninny, although you won’t read this, know that without you, The Cove wouldn’t be what it is today, and I am thankful for every pat in the back, and every encouragement along the way… I wish you were still here to see how things are going and to share all the good things coming my way. I hope you’re doing great, and that every now and then, you still have a thought for me… I miss you. Everyday. Hun. xx

155 thoughts on “About

    1. I did notice in your ”About” page that we had a shared interest 😉 I am curious, have you had the chance to visit Scandinavia yet? Because I am planning a trip soon, and I could send a little piece of Denmark to Aussie-land if you’d like that 🙂

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      1. Ah! You are very sweet to offer, but I have been to Denmark/Scandinavia, five times over the past 14 years. I probably won’t be back for a while now, as I am building a new ( only essentially sized house!), but one never knows. Try out the Mokai, elderflower cider if you are partial. It is fantastic! When are you heading over there?

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      2. Ohh I remember seeing that Mokai cider, but I never tasted it. I did taste a elderflower soft drink though… I’ll give Mokai a shot for sure, and I’ll skål thinking about you 🙂

        Well, building a new house is quite a project!! Good for you 🙂 I hope everything goes smoothly… When have you planned to finish it and move in?

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  1. Hi! I recently began to follow the reincarnate of “Word of the Day” that had gotten shut down in May of 2018. You are one of the users that submits a ‘word of the day’ on that account, so I thought I’d check you out, especially since you have an interesting username! For a very long time, I was obsessed with Norway, so it’s really nice to see someone have as huge a fixation on a country (and Scandinavian as well!) as I did. So, um, yes. Hi! 🙂

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  2. Hi, Cyranny.
    So, are you, like Danish, or Australian? And why no photograph? And is Cyranny a real name or a portmanteau word that illustrates some qualities you have? And why do you blog? And what kind of hand cream do you use?
    That’s all (for now).
    In the interests of open and honest conversations I have to confess that I need a hand cream. That’s why I asked that. Selfish buggalugs, ain’t I?
    🙂 Robert.


  3. Hi Cyranny. I see that you have take over the story of Zoe and Zion. I had just started the story when I got a curiosity to know more about the author! And so here I am. I love what you have done with the About page. It made me laugh a lot and made me feel as if I have found a kindred soul! 🙂 I will check out a few of your posts too, as soon as I finish reading the chapter. I can’t wait to see how it ends. 🙂


  4. I never saw the answer about where you really live, I’m guessing Australia. What is your reason for loving Denmark? I’ve never been out of the US except while in the service (Korea) but I have lots on my bucket list…one being Australia 🤗


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