Since November of 2015, I spent countless hours here, in The Cove. Connecting with you Lovelies, sharing my thoughts, my fantasy world and my love for Denmark… I never thought I’d make it this far. And if I am still here, rambling about, it is in great great part due to the constant encouragements I received from you all, through readings, likes, comments and awards….

It felt like I needed a fireplace mantel to keep track of these sweet attentions.

I would like to thank you all for the time you spend with me here. My Cove is not just a journal of my changing moods, and my endless need to write about any and everything… It is my home away from home, and I really appreciate that you choose to share your precious free time with me!

I know some bloggers go award-free at some point. I might go that way someday, but for the moment, I can’t refuse the honor.

Here below, you’ll find my award collection, with links to the original posts, and links to the blogs of the people who nominated me. Feel free to wander around, and pay a visit to the wonderful people who thought my blog was worth a mention ūüôā




Sunshine Blogger Award РFrom Saraa


Black Cat Blue Sea Award РFrom Suze


Sisterhood of the World Award РFrom Suze


Really Cool and Totally Useless Out of This World Award РFrom Suze



Mystery Blogger Award: Part 1 & Part 2  РFrom Suze & Colin



Bloggers Recognition Award РFrom Suze



Sunshine Blogger Award (Bis, as we say in French) РFrom The Bag Lady



Unique Blogger Award – From The Bag Lady



Inspirational Blogger Award РFrom Colin



Mystery Blogger Award РFrom both Karen & Simon



Blogger Appreciation Award РFrom Suze



Liebster Award Рfrom The Count Gustaf



Liebster Award Рfrom Phyllis Rogers

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