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Another one gone… (Almost)



2019 is almost behind us now…

It seems that, as the years roll by, time goes on faster and faster. Things happen to you, good and bad, longed for or totally unexpected. New people bump into you, and others storm out of your life.

And suddenly you find yourself standing under the mistletoe, sipping on eggnog again.

I wasn’t planning on publishing a 2019 review post, but Madame SuzeMrs Completely  and Fandango (among others) have done it, and I felt like cat-copying them… So here it is! My top ten, most visited posts & pages, for the past year.


Number 10: Help!

In February, I came upon a post from Melanie B Cee that I found quite alarming. I didn’t think twice and published this post to try to get in touch with anybody close to her, to try to stop her from doing the irreparable. Luckily, though going through rough times, Melanie was fine… But, better safe than sorry, right?


Number 9Send me to Denmark!

I am glad that one of my Denmark-related posts made it to the top ten. In July, Ikea Denmark threw a contest offering a free trip to Vikingland with all expenses paid by the company. Of course, I had to enter said contest, and despite the warm support of many fellow bloggers, I didn’t win. Oh well… Maybe next time!


Number 8: Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

March wasn’t my favorite month of 2019. Dad had a stroke, and then had to go through a triple by-pass. And to kill whatever crumbs of joy left in my life at that time, Wow Air went bankrupt after booking my coming trip to Denmark. Aouch! So, it just felt natural to throw this pity party, and invite people over to The Cove to whine a good deal over a glass of fine wine!


Number 7: – Let’s (try to) kick the thieves out!

Before checking my stats to write down this list, I had forgotten about the incident! If you weren’t blogging in August, you might not have heard about this site that stole all the posts of countless blogs. And I am so proud of our response, as a community. We could have felt powerless, in front of an overseas company, but we ganged up, and fought like a wolf pack… And we won! We totally rock!!


Number 6Farewell, OM!

We all know that no matter how much we enjoy blogging, there come times when we just have to take a break to focus more on our real life. I understand that, but I am also kind of selfish, so I couldn’t help but pay a little tribute to Jason, who decided to go on a hiatus for a while…


Number 5Between Bloggers – That fine line

In now a little more than four years, I have never felt intitled to give people serious advice about blogging. I don’t really follow rules myself, and I am still figuring how to make the most of what little talent I might have. But it seems like people have enjoyed my short ”Between Bloggers” series… And that’s heart warming!


Number 4: My About Page

It is nice to see that so many people visiting The Cove get curious about me. If you’ve been around for a while, you might remember the time when I was doing better, and was super active in the Bloggosphere. We had long conversations, and shared thoughts days and nights long… I want to appologize about being so quiet the past couple of months. 2019 has been quite rock’n’roll in Freezingland, and I am really sorry for letting you all down….


Number 3The Quickies

My Quickies are daily questions that can be really deep or completely dumb, depending on my mood. I have decided to take a short break from them, since I couldn’t find the time to comment your kind answers. It felt like I was being unfair, opening discussions I didn’t manage to take part in. But the Quickies will be back soon. And that’s a promise!


Number 2Kind Hearted Challenge – August Edition

This is my greatest surprise, list-wise. The Kind Hearted Challenge was created to give an opportunity to spread a little joy in this sometimes cold and hard world. An invitation to distribute smiles around, and to make a difference. I always made sure to pick challenges that were free of cost (or almost) and easy to realize. The subsequent editions didn’t have nearly as much success, compared to August’s, but the fact that it was my most viewed post of the year makes my efforts well worth it. Thank you!


Number 1, drumroll please!The Cove’s homepage

No surprise there. Being the main door to my lair, I suspected that this would be the most popular page. But it was still amazing to see how many clicks my little domain got in just 12 months. Please accept my *warm hugs* as a token of my appreciation. Your support is priceless, and I hope you’ll stick with me in this ongoing journey!


To conclude, there’s only one thing that disappointed me a tidbit… No story of mine, nor piece of poetry made it to the top 10. I had to scroll down to number 28 to see one. It seems like my personal life and sharing of other bloggers’ work has more success, when it comes to ”views”. Maybe I should learn from that?

What about you? What’s been working the most on your blog? If you post a retrospective too, please make sure to link me in… So I can check it out and share it here!

And a happy new blogging year to come to all of you, Lovelies!

12 thoughts on “Another one gone… (Almost)

  1. i would have thought those lovely french poems that I translated for you so well would have been the most talked about and visited..but what do I know? lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Madame Suze, I think the only reason one of your translations didn’t make it to the top ten, is simply because I don’t think I wrote any this year… But I should try again, your translations were always memorable 😉 Happy holidays, dear friend! *big big hugs from Freezingland*


  2. Thanks a lot for this post I definitely missed a lot this year. I had no idea about thieving situation in August. And didn’t know Jason went on a break, maybe I saw n forgot.

    I am definitely doing a post like this, I need a recap too, will link your post. 🙂
    Thanks again

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad this helped you catching up with some of the last year’s events in the Bloggosphere. The incident, in particular made the ground shake for a couple of days… And it provoked the greatest wave of solidarity I have noticed among bloggers….

      Please do link in your own list when you post it 🙂 I’ll come and check it out for sure!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Good thing you cheated, dear Saumya 🙂 We never should reduce ourselves to just following rules… At least here, in the Bloggosphere! And thank you for sharing your list… I hope others will take the time to click and discover your inspiring work 🙂 *Big hugs*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I feel it was less about not adhering to the rules.. more about what I felt was worth reading 🤣🤣 but yeah thanks! 🙂


  3. I’m glad you put together your top posts for the year, and yes, we can all be proud of how we, as a community of bloggers, got together and slayed the monster, Tygpress, that was stealing and eating our intellectual property!


  4. I got a sketchy user — don’t remember who it was, might have been the one you mentioned — who followed me and made comments back in the summer on a different blog. Every time I checked out their profile, their blog had changed. Way to go eradicating them, Cy!


  5. What a great roundup of posts!! I remember most of these, but excited to visit the ones that may have slipped through the Reader cracks. Thank you for sharing! I’m glad you jumped on the bandwagon 🙂


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