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Send me to Denmark!




As you might know, if you have read my previous post Oh! Ikea!, I am entering a contest that is offering a two weeks long dream job of exploring Copenhagen and its suroundings to find the Danes’ secrets for being such happy people!

I am sending my video and subscription today, and I am as excited as a 10 years old, on Christmas morning!

I am well aware that there will be tons of people to choose from, most of them younger and much prettier than me, but I remain confident that none of them match my deep love for Denmark!

And you might wonder how you can help me here, right?

Well it so happens that I have shared a link to The Cove in my application, inviting the judges to come and see how I like to share about my dear Denmark! And after the offer from Brutus, I thought I could ask you all to just take a minute to leave a word to support my candidacy…

I’d like the Ikea Denmark people to see that I am not kidding, when I say that everyone who knows me, knows that Vikingland is an obsession for me. Mouahahaha…

A bit like a Send Cyranny to Copenhagen and give us a two weeks vacation pleaaaase! petition.

It’ll only take a few seconds of your time…



22 thoughts on “Send me to Denmark!

    1. I actually shared the link to this post in my application (the Ikea team was encouraging contestants to share their social medias, probably to get a better feeling of the person behind the submission) So if you leave a note in this very comment box, they should see it 🙂

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    1. I have shared the link to this post in my application. So if you leave a message here, the people in charge of choosing the winner should come and see your comment 🙂 Thank you in advance! xx

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  1. Cyranny, you have loved Denmark and everything about your Vikingland for a long time, always telling us how wonderful it is and showing us your photos of its beauty. I am hoping you win this contest and be able to visit as a lover of that country, but also as a great representative of Canada. Good luck!


  2. I’ve learned so much about Denmark from your blog posts, and your love of that land is so evident from the enthusiasm expressed in them. I really think you are the perfect candidate to win this contest.


  3. Ya gotta send cyranny! She’s a true dane at heart! She knows more about Denmark than the people who live there! She has a love of the place and is pretty obsessed, she’d be a great asset and would find ou all of what you good ikia people want to know!


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