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Send me to Denmark!

  Please? As you might know, if you have read my previous post Oh! Ikea!, I am entering a contest that is offering a two weeks long dream job of exploring Copenhagen and its suroundings to find the Danes’ secrets for being such happy people! I am sending my video and subscription today, and I am…… Continue reading Send me to Denmark!

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Do you have any Pinterest?

  I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while, now, but I wasn’t using it. Simply because I don’t get it just yet. I don’t really like Facebook anymore, but I understand the interest people have in that social media. I obviously love WordPress, and Instagram, although still pretty new to me, is easy to…… Continue reading Do you have any Pinterest?

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Is there a geek in the house?

I need geeky help. Please… Apparently, I wasn’t the only one not eager to come home, last Sunday. Right after getting back to Montreal, my phone refused to charge up. Since then, everytime I plug it in, it gives me a message, saying that humidity has been detected in the charging port. The problem being…… Continue reading Is there a geek in the house?

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Need ideas? How about…

  You want to enter the famous A to Z Challenge, but you have no clue what theme you should choose? You are not alone… I’ve noticed that many bloggers are still looking for the perfect theme. And since time is running out, I have the feeling that some of you are considering just skipping this…… Continue reading Need ideas? How about…

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Thank you! (previous post’s update)

  A HUGE thank you for all the visits, the prayers and the warm thoughts you sent to Melanie B Cee, after reading my previous post, Help! It is always stressful to know that a fellow blogger is possibly in distress, and not be able to help. Luckily, one of Melanie’s close friends saw my post…… Continue reading Thank you! (previous post’s update)

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  This will be short, because I am at work and don’t have much time… But I just can’t let this pass by without lifting a finger. If you are a regular of The Cove, you know I never take the subject of suicide lightly. Never! Melanie B Cee has published a rather somber post, this…… Continue reading Help!

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  I am Udfrielse. I have been judged by Those Whom We Speak Highly Of, of causing irreparable damages to human history. My trial was short, as the crowd claimed justice loudly. And Those Whom We Speak Highly Of knew my liberty was a drop in the ocean, compared to the anger and disturbance of…… Continue reading Udfrielse…