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Anyone interested?

This will be short… As you might know already, I am preparing a story for my NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge. If you didn’t know, you can catch up here. Good news, I finally managed to start writing, and I am about halfway through. I am a bit rusted, and I’d like to know if…… Continue reading Anyone interested?

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Do you have a minute?

  Or probably more like five or ten minutes… But you know, not that long, I promise! I wrote my story for The NYC Midnight 250 Word Microfiction Challenge, and I know my English is far from perfect. I tried to run it into an online corrector, but the fact is that I don’t trust The…… Continue reading Do you have a minute?

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Nombril de semaine…

  Happy Wednesday, Lovelies! It’s been a while, I know… But better late than never, right? For those of you who wouldn’t have known The Cove for a while, my ”Nombril de semaine” posts are dedicated to sharing links so you can discover new bloggers that you might not know about. Just over two weeks…… Continue reading Nombril de semaine…

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Too hot.

  I have a feeling Mother Nature has decided to slow-cook Montréal. This is our fourth 2020 heat wave. (I don’t care if they say it’s only 26 degrees Celscius outside today, when it offically feels like 37C, it counts!!) I won’t complain (much). It is a beautiful summer, with lots of sunshine, and my…… Continue reading Too hot.

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Help – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is Help. If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. . via Help — Word of the Day Challenge

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Spread the word…

Kristian and her husband Neil need our help. Neil needs a kidney transplant, and a living donor is by far the most preferable option for him. Of course finding the right donor is no easy task. If you know anyone who lives in or around Baltimore, please share Kristian's post with them. And if you… Continue reading Spread the word…

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Do you know Irene?

You might already know Irene... If like me, you are lucky enough to have her in your blogging circle, you have probably enjoyed her kind words in your comment box. If not, let me introduce her to you... Irene is an awesome lady with the biggest heart. Orignally from Denmark, she moved to Spain in… Continue reading Do you know Irene?

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Is there a geek in the room?

I need help, pretty pretty please! I work on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet, and I have started to receive a pop up message telling me either “Unfortunately, Google Play Services has stopped” or that “Google Play services keep stopping”… I checked on Google to find a way to solve this, but I don’t…… Continue reading Is there a geek in the room?

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Send me to Denmark!

  Please? As you might know, if you have read my previous post Oh! Ikea!, I am entering a contest that is offering a two weeks long dream job of exploring Copenhagen and its suroundings to find the Danes’ secrets for being such happy people! I am sending my video and subscription today, and I am…… Continue reading Send me to Denmark!

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Do you have any Pinterest?

  I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while, now, but I wasn’t using it. Simply because I don’t get it just yet. I don’t really like Facebook anymore, but I understand the interest people have in that social media. I obviously love WordPress, and Instagram, although still pretty new to me, is easy to…… Continue reading Do you have any Pinterest?