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Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Word of the Day Challenge

Welcome to Kira’s weekly inspirational art piece. Let the whole picture tell you a story, or dive into the small intricate details to make one up! Write a poem, a fiction piece or come up with a picture or drawing of your own, that you feel relates to it. Feel free to copy […] via Kira’s… Continue reading Kira’s Sunday Scribbles – Word of the Day Challenge

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Do you know the Little Fears?

I bet you do... You must at least have bumped into one of their posts once, since you've been around the Bloggosphere, right? No?? Well, here's your chance to make up for that! Peter was one of the very first (brave) bloggers who joined The Cove and that I followed. His humor is unique, the man… Continue reading Do you know the Little Fears?

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Drop by Go Dog Go Café!

What is Monday like, in your corner of the world? Here in Montréal, the sun is shining, the clouds are gone, and it definately smells like Spring is here to stay! What better time to stop by Go Dog Go Café, have a nice latté and chit chat with the other writers?? You have a… Continue reading Drop by Go Dog Go Café!

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Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

  Following my previous post, I exchanged a couple of messages with some of you, regarding how brilliantly the day was unfolding for me. I’d like to thank you all again for your kind words, and your pats on the back. I don’t call you Lovelies, “Lovelies” for no reason. You are awesome people! And…… Continue reading Awesome Pity Meet & Greet Party!

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20 odd tips…

The following are not my own tips. The actual article can be found here, but since it is in French, I thought I would translate it in English for you all. I take absolutely no credit for any of these. But I hope they’ll make you laugh as much as I did when I went through…… Continue reading 20 odd tips…

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Party @ Trina’s… There WILL be cake!

It is Fabulous Trina's birthday, this weekend! So if you've considered joining her weekly Meet & Greet parties but somehow shied away, well this week is the perfect time to jump in!! Click on the link below, come and share up to 5 posts from your blog or from friends' sites... Come check out other… Continue reading Party @ Trina’s… There WILL be cake!

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Random Act of Kindness Award

  I am cheating a little bit tonight. I wasn’t nominated for this award. But I have two excellent reasons for stealing it and making this post. First, I stole this from Melanie B Cee, from Sparks From a Combustible Mind. Melanie will be saying her last goodbye to her beloved furry friend, Huny, tomorrow. The…… Continue reading Random Act of Kindness Award