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Spread the word…

Kristian and her husband Neil need our help. Neil needs a kidney transplant, and a living donor is by far the most preferable option for him. Of course finding the right donor is no easy task. If you know anyone who lives in or around Baltimore, please share Kristian's post with them. And if you… Continue reading Spread the word…

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Here comes the sun…

  Doo, doo doo… During winter, here, the sky is almost always covered with a thick blanket of grey clouds. I won’t complain, since the temperature is usually warmer (exactly the effect a blanket should have, wouldn’t you say?). So when the sun suddenly peeks out, we all turn towards it, like winter sunflowers, reaching…… Continue reading Here comes the sun…

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Join the Party!

Do you remember the good ol' days of Meet & Greet all-weekend-long partying? Sure you do! It was the easiest, funnest way to discover new bloggers and give exposure to your own blog to new readers. One of us would throw a theme party in the blog-air and we'd all mingle in their comment box, sharing a… Continue reading Join the Party!

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Another one gone… (Almost)

  2019 is almost behind us now… It seems that, as the years roll by, time goes on faster and faster. Things happen to you, good and bad, longed for or totally unexpected. New people bump into you, and others storm out of your life. And suddenly you find yourself standing under the mistletoe, sipping…… Continue reading Another one gone… (Almost)

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Awesome Meet & Greet Party !

  Happy Sunday Lovelies! It is a cold rainy day here, in Freezingland. But I have a crockpot full of slow cooked Irish stew, and enough hot beverages for everyone! So why not stop by, sit in The Cove for a moment, chit-chat and meet new faces? I know I've met many of my favorite… Continue reading Awesome Meet & Greet Party !

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Awesome Meet & Greet Party!

      Oh yes, October is the month of awesomeness, and if this doesn’t ring a bell to you, you can catch up here. A couple of weeks back, I (almost) promised that I would do a ”part two” of that post, and give a proper shout out to many of you, awesome Lovelies. But…… Continue reading Awesome Meet & Greet Party!

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Do you know Irene?

You might already know Irene... If like me, you are lucky enough to have her in your blogging circle, you have probably enjoyed her kind words in your comment box. If not, let me introduce her to you... Irene is an awesome lady with the biggest heart. Orignally from Denmark, she moved to Spain in… Continue reading Do you know Irene?