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T like Thank you – A to Z Challenge

  Good evening Lovelies, I’ve been siting down tonight, staring at the blank page, wondering if I should write this. Maybe I should have waited another day, just in case. But after much thinking, I figured it was the right thing to do. I love blogging. I love the people I’ve met through blogging. I…… Continue reading T like Thank you – A to Z Challenge

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I promise!

Dear Lovelies, This will be short and sweet (ok, I doubt that – LOL), but I feel it is an important message I need to send out. It is, because it comes from a feeling I’ve had several times, lately. And waking up this morning, I had two specific proofs that this sensible matter was…… Continue reading I promise!

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Who am I tonight?

Some of you might remember my Darth Vader shadow, last winter… Can you guess who I was, tonight?? (I’m counting on you, Sonofa… LOL) And, yes… I am forty years old. *sigh*

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Sunday morning mind wanderings…

  I never wanted fame. It is easy to say, I know… Everything is easy to say. It is the way to say it that makes us who we are. We live the same joys, suffer the same pains, seek the same dreams and have the same fears… We use the same words, just not…… Continue reading Sunday morning mind wanderings…

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New stuff!

Happy Saturday, Lovelies… First day off in thirteen. I haven’t been very creative, nor interactive during this long long stretch. I kept my energy to stay positive and get the job done. Our office has been moved last Thursday, and that was very stressing too. Moving a calling center without closing down the lines in…… Continue reading New stuff!

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Never to return…

  Like wind, all things refuse to stay. No lasting place is here; All rosy cheeks will fade away, Each smile – and every tear. * Why then be full of sorrow. Distress and harm don’t last; Like leaves, they’re gone tomorrow – Time and man are soon past. * All vanishes away – away!…… Continue reading Never to return…

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The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers

Kate has been rather insistent, hmmm… perserverant with me the last couple of months. The lady, also known as Calmkate, was incredibly patient with me, in her relentless will to have me fill this little “interview”. I’ve never told Kate, mostly because I hadn’t figured it myself just yet. But I think I postponed this week…… Continue reading The Cove by Cyranny — Meet the Bloggers