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Out of Africa… (5)

  If you live in North America, you know that life here, has become a race. Men, women and even the youngest children live in a perpetual rush. You wake up, rush to get ready, rush to get the kids to the kindergarden, or school, rush to get to work, rush to get the job…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (5)

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Cyranny’s Jukebox…

  As some of you might know already, every month I get to work the dreaded 5h00 am shift for a weekend. So this morning, I was up and getting ready for a new day of pure fun at 4h00! Yay! Normally, my jukebox posts are about just one tune, unless I have two songs about…… Continue reading Cyranny’s Jukebox…

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Just thinking…

  I just had a (very) short exchange with a charming gentleman, about Kurt Vonnegut. For some weird reason, this led me to thinking about Richard Brautigan. No link that I know of, besides the fact that both were wordsmiths. I don’t know much about Mr Brautigan’s life, and I decided to Wiki-search him out.…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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I need some good thoughts… (and update)

  I just found out I lost something extremely important. I can’t say more, but believe me, I am totally upset at the moment. I am just asking for a good thought, while I am turning my apartment upside down to find it. If you believe in God, please send a prayer. If you don’t,…… Continue reading I need some good thoughts… (and update)

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Being considerate?

  If you haven’t started blogging five minutes ago, you must know Danny, from Dream Big Dream Often. Danny is some kind of Godfather of the bloggosphere, in an inspiring way! And each day he asks a question to his readers. Ok, sometimes you might be tempted to wonder if he had a strong fever during…… Continue reading Being considerate?

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Out of Africa… (4)

I always loved learning stuff. Ok, with the exception of a couple of complicated maths and physics classes I had to go through in college, back when I aimed to become an eye doctor. (I don’t remember where in time, I figured ophtamology was a cool thing, and why…) I didn’t become an eye doctor…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (4)

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Out of Africa… (3)

I don’t have kids. But I do have friends and co-workers who have children, and it seems to me that today’s kids are very bored creatures, in general.  At least compared to when I was their age. I don’t know what happened with creativity, but I am under the impression that it is now an option…… Continue reading Out of Africa… (3)