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Just thinking…

  Dear Lovelies, To say that the last couple of weeks (or months, depending on where you live) have been life changing, is an understatement. I am pretty sure you’ll all agree. It is easy to feel depressed or to be overwhelmed with anxiety. But we always have the choice of how we play the…… Continue reading Just thinking…

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Just dance!

  This morning, my April 1st Danceathon took place for a first time. Tonight, I’ll be hosting a second, as previously planned. My first experience was such a positive boost, that I decided to make this a daily event, for as long as I’ll be stuck at home. Why? Well, let’s see… I don’t get…… Continue reading Just dance!

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Cyra’s April 1st Danceathon!

  Dear Lovelies, By now, pretty much all of us have been sent home by the authorities, and requested not to go out, unless it is absolutely necessary. Social distancing is crucial, to stop the plague that is trying to spread still. But it shouldn’t rhyme with isolation. With that in mind, I was looking…… Continue reading Cyra’s April 1st Danceathon!

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  Gloomy times, Stormy nights! Soul crushed, for You’re out of sight… My lips are sealed, but Heart screams out loud! If I could, I’d wipe Your skies of any cloud… Words brought us together, And drove us away. A squall of our own, And I didn’t have my say… But should you have The…… Continue reading Ninny…

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Where are them humans??

  This morning, I woke up to the sound of Canadian geese flying over our home. It is that time of year, when the geese fly back home (they are Canadien, after all). Some could think the honking is a disturbance, especially when you are sleeping in. The big birds are loud, and a whole…… Continue reading Where are them humans??

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Alone… Together!

  Ça va bien aller! French for ”It’s going to be ok!”, it quickly has become Québec’s new motto. Tomorrow will be the one month ”anniversary” of the first case of covid-19 in the province. Within only four weeks, we moved from what we used to call normal life, to this eerie reality, with Montréal…… Continue reading Alone… Together!