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A little chat with Miss A – Oh Canada!

Happy Monday, Lovelies! Miss A, from The Hej Hej Blog has started a series of posts, where she asks bloggers from around the world to give her readers a little insight about their home country. I had the honor of being designated Canada’s official ambassador, and I filled my duties with the most seriousness (almost).…… Continue reading A little chat with Miss A – Oh Canada!

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A friend brought this to my attention… And it is soooo true. I am proud of my country, and I love it very much… (not as much as Denmark, of course, but still a lot) But one thing we suck at, is having driveable roads when spring comes! I can’t believe that in 2018, after…… Continue reading Mouarf!

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Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

Dear Lovelies… I think The Internets are trying to change the world we used to know. I am not sure yet… I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this is getting weirder and weirder. First, this past Monday, I learned that Australia didn’t exist. I mean, if the World Wide Web told me that…… Continue reading Flash News! We’re a hoax too!

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Fighting Mr Frost…

When temperature drops below -20 Celcius, you have three choices, in Freezingland. Stay in. (most reasonable pick, if you ask me… but hard to take when you have to work to put butter and bread on the table… or anything else you might enjoy eating for that matter) Get out as if it was still…… Continue reading Fighting Mr Frost…