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A new Dawn…



If you are old school like me, you probably still watch your good ol’ tv, and still have to endure the good ol’ commercial ads. Then again, even on YouTube or other platforms, we are now forced to put up with them.

I understand the role of advertising…

But sometimes, I wonder why companies spend millions telling us about products we know everything about, already? I wonder why they work hard to promote products that they can’t even mention the purpose of (I don’t know if it is the case in your country, but here in Canada it is allowed to make a medication ad, but it is forbidden to say what it is supposed to cure… ?!?)? I wonder how much better they can make basic products? I mean… How much softer should toilet paper be? How much more absorbant can diapers or period pads become (and let me know if I’m the only one, Ladies, but I don’t compulsively enjoy horse-back riding, and karate lessons when it is that period of the month)?

With all of this aside, every once in a blue moon, a very special ad catches my attention. And, you probably guessed it, this is exactly what happened recently.

If you live in North America, you probably know the dishwashing soap brand Dawn. It is the brand I personally use, and quite frankly, I thought it was its pinacle of efficiency. But apparently, I was wrong.

Up to this day, this is the usual bottle I would by a the grocery store.




Do you see the problem with it?

Oh! Come on…

When was the last time you cleaned dishes? Because, as much as I am grateful for Dawn‘s anti-grease power, I can’t begin to explain the mess I make everytime I have to turn the bottle upside down to pour a little soap on my cleaning sponge.

A disaster, everytime.

Luckily, Dawn‘s engineers considered the countless complaints about the mess in households like mine, and came up with – hold your breath – an upside down bottle, to prevent said messes!

How brilliant!

As they say on the bottle, ”No flip, no mess”.

What’s not to love about it? Right?



P.S. I really hope you felt the ironic tone, for the last part of this post. No way am I going to pay a cent more for a bottle of soap that I can flip over on my own, like I did for the past couple of decades… Call me a genius, but I am really good at handling my soap without making a mess, even if Dawn seems to think that requires NASA skills.

3 thoughts on “A new Dawn…

    1. So true. And that was ”invented” before the upside-down bottle. Sometimes, it just feels like the rich investors just look for every way to make a buck off our back, by making us believe that they are trying to make our lives easier….

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