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It takes a village…

  You probably know the saying. It takes a whole village to raise a child. But what happens when the whole village fails? A couple of days ago, in Granby, a little town in Québec, a seven years old little girl was found tied up and gagged in her home. Brought to the hospital, she…… Continue reading It takes a village…

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FFF Challenge – Serious signs

Having spent most of the last three weeks in hospitals, I had plenty of time to take pictures of what could seem like serious signs… But sometimes, details about them just make you smile (well, they made me!) when you play closer attention. Here are 3 examples of these, with my personal thoughts about them.…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Serious signs

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Blurry pictures, for winter lovers…

Just twelve hours ago, the streets and sidewalks were all clear… It smelled and looked like spring. No more! This is what things looked like when I walked back home at midnight… And of course, no one had shoveled the stairs to our apartment… Snow isn’t just snow. There are many types of snow, and…… Continue reading Blurry pictures, for winter lovers…

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Good luck with that!

  Caught this on my way back home, a little after midnight. I’m pretty sure that’s just a snowbank in front of the white car, but who knows? #WinterFun   P.S. yes, I’ll give you a break with my snowy pictures… As soon as Mother Nature stops sending shitloads of it!

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Please, come in!

Mr Frost is a sneaky character. You’d think that having all the “outside” to himself, he’d leave the “inside” for us to enjoy, when we are tired of his cold ways… Well think again, my friends! Mr Frost is greedy, and if there’s the slightest crack in your home’s door or window, he’ll let himself…… Continue reading Please, come in!