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I should feel sorry, but I don’t.

When we got to our cabin in the middle of the woods, last Friday, I did get wi-fi access to The Internets. Not before much searching for the password, but still.

I wanted to take time to come here and share my experience in the wild.

But there were 9 of us in the cabin, and we were having much fun. There was plenty (too much) food, and much good alcohol. Greats stories getting shared… And I temporarely lost touch with the Bloggosphere.

I think we all need that detachment from time to time. I sure did.

Frog hunting with the little ones, sunburn preventing (with no luck), and picture taking took over, and I’m sure you Lovelies understand it.

And in the above environment, it was a ”must”.

I shall be back soon. Hopefully with a refulled inspiration, and a tank fully fulled.

Have a nice week, where ever you are 🙂

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