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Cyranny’s quickie!




Could you perjure yourself to save a loved one?





I am not the first blogger to start a ”Question of the day” series. I used to participate to Danny’s Let me ask you a question posts regularly, but since he has almost stopped pubishing them, I thought I’d give it a go. We’ll see if I stick to it, depending on the answers I get!

27 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

    1. Of course, there are so many conditions… This question came to me after watching the documentary ”Leaving Neverland”, and I wondered if I would ever live with the pressure of covering up for a loved one’s crimes. In a way, I feel like if that person really loved me, they wouldn’t ask me to cover them up.

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    1. I really admire that, Suze! I’ve been thinking about it a lot. As I told Sonofa, I think that if a loved one commited a crime, I’d hope they’d love me enough not to ask me to cover up their mess. Also, I am not sure it is really helping someone we love, to let them get away from facing their wrong-doings….

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  1. It would depend on the circumstances. I’m more afraid of what the consequences of lying “to God” are, than some idiot who broke the law (presumably) doing time or having to pay a huge fine. It would probably be best not to rely on me to lie under oath.

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      1. I understand that… But personally, death penalty is not an option. I know I would probably go through a phase of ”wanting to kill the criminal myself” if anything happened to someone I love, but I really don’t believe in the ”an eye for an eye” rule.

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      2. My views are a little complicated, I think we have seen with places like Texas that it doesn’t work as a deterrent, otherwise they would have no murder crime.

        I also don’t think we should have the death penalty till we can 100% say that someone is guilty, at the moment, we are still very open to killing an innocent person. I personally would rather tougher sentences here in the UK, we have examples where people have been given a lesser sentence for Rape than for owning cannibas


  2. Tough question. It would depend on which loved one it was. For either of my kids I would not be likely to do it. I love them but when they were growing up i did not save them from the consequences of their poor choices. The result is they have grown up into sensible and independent adults who are very responsible. Other loved ones it would depend on whether or not I believed them to be innocent.

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    1. You bring a good point there, Anne! I am sure that even today, many people are pronounced guilty when they are not. If I was absolutely sure about a loved one’s innocence, I would probably consider covering them up! Thank you for sharing your thoughts! 🙂

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