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Head or tail… – FFFC

    If she had gotten a nickle every time she had told someone she was cursed when it came to choose between two very simple options, she would have been rich beyond reason by now. People probably thought she was just trying to be interesting. As a matter of facts, Murphy and his annoying…… Continue reading Head or tail… – FFFC

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Blocking the Block!

Dear Lovelies… Like me, you have probably noticed the following, when you engaged into publishing a new post, recently:     I shuddered at the thought of┬áhaving to use the new WordPress ”block” editor. I have flirted with it, out of curiosity, and I find it unnecessarily complicated. I know I would get used to…… Continue reading Blocking the Block!

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Cyranny’s quickie!

    If you woke up every morning in a different body, borrowing a random other person’s life for a day, would you do whatever you feel like doing, or would you try your best not to disturb that person’s routine ?       For more Quickies, click here.    

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The choice… – FFFC

    Hurry, Sarah! She didn’t do well, under pressure. Not well at all. She did recall how some friends from college used to say that they enjoyed pressure. That the sense of emergency oddly made them think clearer. As if time slowed down in their heads, even coming to a short halt for some…… Continue reading The choice… – FFFC