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Can you see me?
Clumsily scribbled,
silly doodle…
My back pressed
to the white church
of your heart…
Anonymous and
Still my name clings
to your butterfly lips,
silent promise of
eternity, my straight lines
blurred under your
warm breath.
Close your eyes,
let me fade on your skin,
sinking my finger deep…
Abstract tattoo
of a whispered dream
inked to your shoulder.

13 thoughts on “Inked…

      1. Yeah, I was told both were especially painfull parts of the body to get a tattoo on, I must be a bit masochist 😛 The ink artist who did my ankle warned me, because I wanted my design to follow the round bone on the side of my foot. I must say, it did pinch a lot, but I don’t regret it 😉


      2. I’m tattooed on both sides shoulders, forearms, wrists and calves and just one side ribs – and that’s for a good reason! I’ll balance that one out eventually, but I’m not ready to take that one on just yet.

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      3. It was really weird – when she did was doing the outline I was like “I thought ribs were supposed to suck, this ain’t shit!” Then she put that big ass magnum needle on and it was “ohhhhh FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!”

        That one was done in two sessions (black the first, color the second) and I totally creamed up with Lidocaine before the color session – didn’t feel much at all.

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