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Miss Fresh, anyone?

You probably heard of companies like Miss Fresh and GoodFood.

It’s the new thing for busy foodies, it seems… People who want to eat “real” food, but don’t have time to plan dinners in advance, go grocery shopping and get into long nights of cooking.

For a while now, Chéri has been wanting to try one of the many brands that offer to deliver fresh pre-portioned veggies and meats, with quick and easy recipes, to our door. I had doubts… What if the food wasn’t as fresh as they claimed? What if the recipes weren’t as easy as they say, and I ruined something, and I didn’t have extra to make it up? What if the portions were ridicule? What if? What if? What if?

And Miss Fresh decided to sell meal kits at the grocery store.

Chéri brought back one of these boxes, and tricked me into trying it, at last. Sneaky man!




So yesterday was Spicy pork sauté night… And I opened my treasure chest with mixed feelings.




The recipe required that I marinated the pork in a very easily mixed sauce (I only had to chop some garlic). Most of the job consisted in slicing thinly the cabbage and green onion. So the “easy” part of the deal was met.

The rest was just about cooking the meat and veggies, and doing a little tossing here and there, when it was time to add the noodles to warm them up in the cabbage.

It was indeed a pretty fast meal to prepare too. With all the ingredients pre-portioned, there’s no fussing around with “a tea spoon of this” and “half a cup of that”.

Everything in the box was very fresh. And I’ll let you judge the generosity of the portions…




All in all, I must admit that I was quite impressed with my first tryout with Miss Fresh.

For an evening when I don’t have hours to cook, or when inspiration has gone missing, this is the perfect fix, instead of any prepared meal I’d pick up at the grocery store, and just pop in the oven to reheat.

On the plus side, I also get a new comfort food recipe that I can keep, and even try to pimp a little, when I’ll get the ingredients myself!

I would recommend this especially to people who want to start cooking, or for people who live alone, and don’t want to have a fridge full of stuff they’ll just throw away in the end.


Oh, and I wouldn’t want to forget…  Good call, Chéri!


9 thoughts on “Miss Fresh, anyone?

  1. There are several such services in the Netherlands as well and I must say I am a fan! I live smack in the middle of a small Dutch city and used to spend way too much money on take out every week. Every month I would convince myself that next month I would be better at buying groceries and cooking meals for myself. I never managed to keep up the self-discipline for more than a couple of weeks but since I receive these meal boxes I not only eat better I also enjoy cooking more.

    The meal portions are perfect for my bf and myself, so I never have leftover food that might end up being thrown away! It’s obviously more expensive than buying all the ingredients yourself, but well, I tried that….

    But I would probably be better at that now that I have learned some new recipes and lost my hate for the kitchen. So i recommend it!

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    1. You bring up an interesting point, Epi 🙂 Living in a big city, getting food is not a concern here. I have grocery stores just around the corner… But it is true that for more remote towns, the access to more varied foods must be a real plus!

      I agree that when you have the time to plan, picking your own ingredients is much cheaper, but for very busy nights, it is definately a good option! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. You make a good point. For me alone, buying ingredients to last till the next monthly shopping trip, you are forced to eat the fresh fruit and veggies first. I buy mostly frozen veggies because of that. Potatoes and onions are goodcchoices, but I think the point about throwing away stuff is valid. Freshness dates are my nemesis!

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    1. Fresh fruit and veggies are quite a challenge when it comes to planning! I hate throwing food away, and I usually use vegetables on their last leg to make soups and stews… But it is not always easy to do. Good point about freshness and expiration dates! Thanks for sharing, Cheryl 🙂 xx


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