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Cyranny’s quickie!

    If you were to eat the same thing, everyday for the rest of your life, what would that be?       For more Quickies, click here. P.S. Please be aware that I am currently traveling myself, so it is possible that my replies to your comment take a couple of days to…… Continue reading Cyranny’s quickie!

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Miss Fresh, anyone?

You probably heard of companies like Miss Fresh and GoodFood. It’s the new thing for busy foodies, it seems… People who want to eat “real” food, but don’t have time to plan dinners in advance, go grocery shopping and get into long nights of cooking. For a while now, Chéri has been wanting to try one…… Continue reading Miss Fresh, anyone?

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Random Danish memories…

  We are about to say goodbye to 2019. One thing I learnt in 2018, is that sometimes, I need to let my emotions set before writing about them. And there is one subject I can always turn to, when everything else fails. Yeah, I heard you, in the back… You know me pretty well,…… Continue reading Random Danish memories…

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Where’s the beef?

Whatever the cut, I like to sprinkle Montreal steak spices on my beef. Today, I was preparing my tournedos, making sure to put enough to get this nice BBQ taste, when I wondered… Do this spice melange exist outside Québec?   It is really really common here, but has it spread elsewhere? Did we hold…… Continue reading Where’s the beef?

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No, I’m not pregnant.

What defines “weird”? If I judge by the usual brow raising and eye rolling, I would say this choice of breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast often, usually just having a tall glass of milk. But every now and then, especially on days off work (like today), I go for this family classic.     Peanut…… Continue reading No, I’m not pregnant.

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Delicious speed dating…

A cozy room, draped with red velvet panes, from ceiling to floor… A dozen two places tables, and as many men and women, sitting in the darkness, the flame of a candle making the shadows dance between each temporary couple. *Bell ringing* The twelve women got up in an elegant ballet, some leaving the table…… Continue reading Delicious speed dating…