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The perfect wedding dress…

This morning, still in the keeping-eyes-open process, and dealing with a 3 pound kitten that is convinced she is a cheetah… (Can’t blame her, we all had our phase haven’t we?)

First (or about) post my eyes fall upon is called “The perfect wedding dress”… Chill down my spine, but not the usual “Oh-chéri-let’s-get-married-so-I-can-get-a-dress-like-that” chill…. Nah, not quite.

I had a rendez-vous with the perfect wedding dress in the past… En aftale you could also say. Although then, Denmark didn’t mean anything to me (I was still young and foolish). I had then, by some still unsolved mystery (William Shatner is investigating it for his “Weird or what” show… Did you know he was born in Montréal? Just saying…)… So I had managed to charm a French prince (no…. Not Will Smith, pay attention, please) with my words only, internet not allowing live camera chats back then and, quite frankly what a chance for me!

He lived in the amazing city of Annecy. I know I invite you to Google often, but this time, it is absolutely worth the 10 seconds! Google Annecy, hit “images” and try not to fall in love with the place!

We fell madly in love. The distance was just a very effective chastity belt, and wanting to live the rest of our lives together, one had to cross the ocean for good. He decided to leave his kingdom of beauty at the feet of the Alps (the French ones, of course) and come live in Québec (should have expected something was wrong).

He proposed on the beach of a mini island, during a canoe trip in a National Park, and off we were, starting the planning of our wedding.

“Yeah, but what about the dress?”

I went dress hunting with my mother… I didn’t even suspect the highly structured protocol involved. It was the first time I entered a store that screened its clients… The door was locked, and you had to have a planned date of marriage before being let in. I was almost surprised they didn’t ask for official papers proving I wasn’t just shopping for the fun of it.

Inside, the first step was catalog searching… I was asked to pick three dresses, and the lady taking care of me disappeared in the back store to get them… I was then invited to move to the dressing room. And what a room! Anyone having trouble with stage fright would be terrified at this point. I was facing an actual catwalk with stands. I stepped in a booth with my assigned dressing lady, and tried a first dress…

Just before walking out of the booth to climb on the stand and have my mother’s opinion, I wondered how I would know which dress to pick. At that price range, there was no second guessing allowed. Although my mom was a little teary, watching me all dressed in white, probably imagining me walking down the aisle, I didn’t really feel a click.

I went back into the booth, and let my dame undress me, as if I was a royal lady of the past. We then moved to dress #2, and I had a weird impression. I couldn’t see myself just yet, but the strapless beaded corset I was fearing a little (I’m not the show-some-skin kind of girl) didn’t feel awkward at all, and the large tulle skirt, lightly embroidered here and there was just beautiful. When I stepped out again there were a little girl about 5 years old and her mother, waiting for the door next to mine to open. The girl turned my way as I was walking to my stand, and her eyes lit up instantly…

  • Oh look mommy… WOW!

I swear I still hear her high pitched voice in my head after all the years… One of my top ten feel good moments ever. If I had a chance to come across that (grown up now) little girl, I would have to pay her a dinner… I’ve never been especially pretty, and back then, I had more than a few pounds to lose, so the compliment was already very touching. But coming so spontaneously from that child…

I teared up. Ladies, trust me, if you go dress hunting you don’t need to be afraid… When you’ll put the right one on, you’ll just KNOW it.

Oh, fyi, he dumped me a few months before the marriage, so I never wore the perfect wedding dress again… Dang!



14 thoughts on “The perfect wedding dress…

    1. Thank you 🙂

      I actually never had it… The store had every dress handmade especially for the client, so when my fiancé broke up with me, my mom arranged to cancel the dress before I even got to have a look at it again…. *sigh* Oh well, at least I got to wear one of those gorgeous white gowns once, and I know what it is like to feel like a princess lol

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      1. You’re welcome! Made me remember my own dress moment. It was gorgeous and everything I wanted. BUT THEN…my mister argued with his mom and sister about trying to take over our wedding…because they were…and ten days later we eloped! LOL!

        That was nearly thirty-four years ago, so I guess not having the dress made no difference in the marriage…but maaaan! It was gorgeous…and I was gorgeous in it! 😄😏😋

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I bet you were!! I think that’s something like giving birth (minus the pain and all lol)… A feeling that you can’t imagine until you are there, standing, wrapped in white satin and tulle, and for a moment, the most gorgeous thing on the planet. Priceless 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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