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Cyranny’s quickie!



Have you ever returned a plate of food at the restaurant?

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6 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

  1. Absolutely. I am not shy. Never rude about it, but I will not consume something barely edible to not complain. Or something I hate and didn’t order, just to avoid that convo. No thank you. Take the gross food away, bring me what you wrote down, then come sit and have a fry. Wait staff doesn’t do it on purpose, and escalating a situation that was only a mistake isn’t appropriate. Telling the wait staff that you won’t touch it is also fair.

    And, it depends on the mistake. If they tripped and dumped melty butter with crab legs on me, I’ll be pretty pissed. If they grabbed the wrong dish and solve it, there’s no issues. Sometimes, the tip increases because of how the server handles knowing they made a mistake.


  2. Very rarely. Once in Spain when my vegetarian meal was sprinkled with ham and big prawns. They took it back and removed the prawns and returned it….and the ham was still there.

    Here in London, I once ordered a veggie breakfast, and I asked the waiter when I ordered if my eggs could be well-cooked because I cannot face raw uncooked egg. When the breakfast came, the white of the egg was still translucent, so I asked the waiter if the eggs could be cooked a little longer.

    Once up in Southport, I ordered a vegetarian meal in a hotel restaurant. The meal came and it was still frozen in the middle. I think they must have some veggie meals they keep in the freezer.

    I don’t consider myself a fussy customer by any means…but in all three cases, I felt I just had to return the meal.


  3. Yes at a fancy restaurant in Houston years ago.  Clearly a half roach carcass in my salad .  Luckily I hadn’t touched it yet.  Waitress took it back and brought the plate back with carcass gone.  They denied and of course no cel phones those days so other than my companions’ word nothing was done.😡. Obviously never went back and told everyone I knew

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