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Secret garden…

It hurts… It hurts so good to go back there. This secret garden, where I used to meet with you. And you watered the roses that never bloomed when I did. But you had your way with them… You didn’t even have to try. You just walked where no one else had been allowed before,…… Continue reading Secret garden…

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12 things…

Judy, from Lifelessons has asked her readers to play with her and answer Twelve Questions. Judy will draw a name from the people who’ll have participated, and make a donation to the winner’s favorite charity (if I understood well, Judy?) It is for a good cause, so I thought I’d give it a try! You like…… Continue reading 12 things…

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Cyranny’s quickie!

  If the government offered to suspend all laws, and law enforcement for 24 hours, letting you (and everybody else) do whatever you wish… Would you be in favor of it, or not?       I am not the first blogger to start a ”Question of the day” series. I used to participate to…… Continue reading Cyranny’s quickie!

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Jinx – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is Jinx. If you want to participate create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. . via Jinx — Word of the Day Challenge

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A to Z Challenge – 2019 (update)

  Only one day left! Monday, the A to Z Challenge is officially starting. I had decided that my theme for the 2019 edition would be my trip preparation. But as you might know, my plane tickets have been canceled a few days ago, when Wow Air went bankrupt. Needless to say that blogging about getting ready…… Continue reading A to Z Challenge – 2019 (update)

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Diamonds… – Song inspired haiku challenge

    I knew right away You and I, side by side we’re Diamonds in the sky     After posting my silly haiku, a while back, Carolina decided to host a new challenge mixing music and poetry. Everyone is welcome to join the challenge, and all your need  to do is choose a song, and…… Continue reading Diamonds… – Song inspired haiku challenge

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Cyranny’s quickie!

  We all have guilty pleasures… Stuff we enjoy, but prefer not to tell others that we do. What’s your guilty pleasure?       I am not the first blogger to start a ”Question of the day” series. I used to participate to Danny’s Let me ask you a question posts regularly, but since he has…… Continue reading Cyranny’s quickie!