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  Can you see me? Clumsily scribbled, silly doodle… My back pressed to the white church of your heart… Anonymous and invisible. Still my name clings to your butterfly lips, silent promise of eternity, my straight lines blurred under your warm breath. Close your eyes, let me fade on your skin, sinking my finger deep……… Continue reading Inked…

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Miss Fresh, anyone?

You probably heard of companies like Miss Fresh and GoodFood. It’s the new thing for busy foodies, it seems… People who want to eat “real” food, but don’t have time to plan dinners in advance, go grocery shopping and get into long nights of cooking. For a while now, Chéri has been wanting to try one…… Continue reading Miss Fresh, anyone?

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Ferry – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is via Ferry — Word of the Day Challenge

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Cyranny’s quickie!

    Would you rather cook or order out for your guests?         I am not the first blogger to start a ”Question of the day” series. I used to participate to Danny’s Let me ask you a question posts regularly, but since he has almost stopped pubishing them, I thought I’d give it…… Continue reading Cyranny’s quickie!