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20 odd tips…

The following are not my own tips. The actual article can be found here, but since it is in French, I thought I would translate it in English for you all.

I take absolutely no credit for any of these. But I hope they’ll make you laugh as much as I did when I went through the list.


1. Use a snake to hold your pasta easily.


Let’s bet you’ll eat spaghetti less often!


2. Use a Mercedes sign as a compartment bowl.


Did I hear a ”Yum!!” ?


3. You car noises worry you? Turn up the radio volume until you can no longer hear them!

4. When cutting a bagel in halves, put your finger in the hole to keep it steady.



5. For non smokers… Tired of feeling left out when you hang out with your smoking friends? Keep bengal lights with you so you can ask for some fire too, and be one of the gang!

6. Eggs are good for your health and should be part of a balanced diet. You don’t like the taste of them? Mix them with cocoa, butter and flour, and bake them for 30 minutes!



7. Smoke detectors require that you make sure their bateries are changed regularely. Use popcorn instead. If you hear it starting to pop, grab your snack, and run away!



8. You notice a gas smell in your house? Go from room to room, and light a match, until a loud explosion noise reveals the source of the leak!

9. You have trouble reading the messages on your smartphone’s small screen? Slip it in a glass of water, it can increase the screen size by up to 200%!



10. You’re having a shitty day? Put your sun glasses on. You’ll spend a shitty evening instead!

11. A thin onion slice in your DVD player is the perfect way to prevent computer viruses!



12. When hanging with deaf people, show a thumb up when you yawn, to let them know you are not yelling!

13. Want to get rid of your wrinkles really quick? Get a rattle snake to bite you!



14. You want to switch your soft drink to ”diet”? Pop this button!



15. Mix coconut oil to your curly kale. It makes it easier to throw away.

16. You hurry getting ready for work? Did you know you could save time by combining breakfast and brushing your teeth?



17. Fill a rubber glove with warm water and lay it on your own hand when you feel lonely.



18. Don’t be worried about using public bathrooms anymore! To cover the farting noises, scream from the top of your lungs the whole time.

19. You are fighting a bad cold? Add a little magic to your life, by taking a spoonful of glitters when you start feeling like sneezing!

20. Tired of having to boil water everytime you want to make pasta? Boil several liters during the weekend, and freeze the leftovers for future use!



Again, these tips are not the fruit of my own imagination… And you can find the original post (in French) here.

18 thoughts on “20 odd tips…

    1. Mouahahahah I am glad you enjoyed this too 🙂 Some people just have way too much free time to spend thinking about this kind of things, and thank God for that 😛 I hope you made it to the bathroom in time!! LOL

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