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Hot! Hot! Hot!

  Not mine… Mind you.  As much as I like you all, Lovelies, we’ll never be that close.  But today, Chéri sent me the link to a piece of news that happened in UK recently. He often does that when he finds out odd stories that might inspire me. And I totally agreed that this deserved a…… Continue reading Hot! Hot! Hot!

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Lockdown parenting… – FFFC

I really think we should find better fitting hobbies for the kids, John. It was one of the very few moments of the day, when the young couple could spend time a little alone time with each other. John sipped on his coffee, slowly nodding. Maybe, but quite honestly, I had already run out of…… Continue reading Lockdown parenting… – FFFC

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Kickin’ covers…

Hey there, Lovelies, As you might have read in my latest Cyranny’s jukebox post, I recently came across a long series of very popular song covers, that Damien Robitaille, a French Canadian professional singer, has been posting online since the beginning of the pandemic (you can find him on Instagram @damienrobitaille). The guy is talented, and that’s…… Continue reading Kickin’ covers…

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Who’s your daddy?

Translation: ”Snow (pointing to the left), thanks!” When you live in Freezingland, you just have to show snow who’s the boss. Note that, being Canadians, we make sure to stay polite, even when we tell the white stuff where it belongs…

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What you should focus on…

  Next week, we’ll be in 2021. A lot of us will be looking for some inspiration to have a better year than 2020 was. Quite frankly, I think that if you just keep breathing for a couple of months, Life will probably do the job for you.  But if you’re the kind of person…… Continue reading What you should focus on…

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Prank you very much!

Christmas and New Year’s Eve have now been cancelled here, in Québec. Well, the large family gatherings have. Which doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate from a distance. I suck at online shopping. Unless I know exactly what I want to buy, I just end up with 20 browser pages open on different store’s websites,…… Continue reading Prank you very much!

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Bite me!

I guess there are just so many rules that some people can follow… If this bike’s owner is wearing a mask, washing hands and respecting social distancing, I’m willing to forgive this blunt rebellion against Montréal’s city rules.

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Happy Birthday!

Today was Chéri’s 40th birthday. Needless to say that 2020 isn’t a year of choice to celebrate a special turning older. As a matter of fact, ”celebration” is a bit of an overstatement. On top of pandemic restrictions, Chéri was working from 2 pm until midnight, which didn’t allow us to enter real party mode.…… Continue reading Happy Birthday!

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Just like a needle in a haystack!!

  Australia isn’t quite a neighbour. As a matter of fact, it is the farthest country from Canada. So we usually don’t get much information about it on the news, unless the country is burning down, or something like that. But this morning, a clip of the following video came up in between the weather…… Continue reading Just like a needle in a haystack!!

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You wouldn’t survive…

Twenty four hours in the outside world! I’ve told Freja this very phrase thousands of times in the past five years. And not as an insult, no, it’s rather a reminder and a warning, knowing how our little furball lacks feline instinct. You’d think that all cats were gifted with the skills of their larger…… Continue reading You wouldn’t survive…