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After Eight Moments…

    Close your eyes and sigh, Trying to make things add up… Put your trust in Life.           If you want to know what After Eight Moments are about, click here. Description for the visually impaired: Close up on the tip of a pen, with a half-filled sudoku grill as a…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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Little Fears Present – Bolts Bad Day

  “Hit me again, man!” The old neon lights flickered annoyingly, giving a cheap stroboscopic feeling to every move the barman made, behind the counter. Bolt pushed his empty glass on the bar. “If I keep the refills coming, you’ll get totally hammered. You know that, right?” Bolt’s stare back was probably intended as a…… Continue reading Little Fears Present – Bolts Bad Day

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Peculiar – Word of the Day Challenge

Today’s Word of the Day is Peculiar. If you want to participate, create a pingback to link your post. Not sure how to do that? See how to create pingbacks here. Please note that for the prompts that I publish, the comment box will now remain open for people who experience trouble with pingbacks. […] via… Continue reading Peculiar – Word of the Day Challenge