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Random Danish memories…


We are about to say goodbye to 2019.

One thing I learnt in 2018, is that sometimes, I need to let my emotions set before writing about them. And there is one subject I can always turn to, when everything else fails. Yeah, I heard you, in the back… You know me pretty well, uh?


A couple of days back, I had a short conversation with Mackenzie, about a Danish tradition I added to our family’s Christmas musts. (btw, if you don’t know Mack, treat yourself and pay the young lady a little visit. Mack is the sweetest Cali gal! She blogs about her travels, her foodie outings, and how she is becoming the best nurse in California. I would dare to say in the States, but I wouldn’t want her to say I am exagerating!)

So, we discussed risalamande. It is probably the most popular Christmas dessert in Denmark, and it basically is a mix of rice pudding, whipped cream, minced almonds topped with cherry sauce. Here’s what this year’s risalamade a la moi looked like!



I realized I had never talked much about food in Denmark. I mentionned the hot dog stands, of course. But that’s just street fast food (even if they are yuuuuummy yummy in the tummy).

Danish traditional cuisine is all about comfort food. Meals are not so much focused on the food itself, but rather a time to share a good moment together. I had the chance to share meals with many people around the country, but I really wanted to experience a good traditional restaurant.

Danish restaurants are rather rare. I understand that Danes don’t crave food they can eat at home when they go out. But it is difficult to find a good genuinely Danish place. Especially when you travel the way I do it. I don’t spend my time nose-diving in touristic guides. I much prefer walking around and trusting my gut instinct.

That’s how I found the Cro’n in Odense.



The charming little restaurant can sit fourty people, and offers all the Danish classics; fresh fish, frikadeller, pork in many ways (Danes love their pork) pickled cucumber salad and of course, the boiled potatoes.

Unfortunately, we got there without a reservation, and we couldn’t get in. Next time I visit Odense, I will make up for that.

Luckily, I also found Kultorvet restaurant, in the heart of Copenhagen. Each time I traveled, I stopped by for a hearty supper.

If Danish restaurants are not galore, Danish cafes are easy to find. You’ll find one around any corner of any major cities, and they are definately worth stopping by for a hyggeligt moment. In a cozy decor, you can just sip on a great coffee, or nibble on pastries of all kinds. Because Denmark has something that we painfully miss, here, in Quebec; tons of little bakeries filled with amazing breads and other goodies you’ll have trouble to choose from.

And if you’re looking for a good drink, you’ll find a large variety of friendly bars, where you can skål with a local beer. If you prefer something stronger, I recommend trying the akvavit. Although not really popular with the younger drinkers (or so I was told) it is still a Danish classic, and I really enjoy the aniseed liquor.



I could go on and on, about things like remoulade, aebleskiver, smørrebrød and rødgrød med fløde… But as much as I get excited about Danish food, I am not sure how interesting it might be for you, Lovelies…

Just let me know if it is. I am sure I can dig quite a number of pictures from my three trips in Vikingland!

20 thoughts on “Random Danish memories…

  1. Oh how I loved reading this post!! The featured image caught my eye because I knew that was risalamande right away 🙂 Thank you for the super kind words & I definitely want to try allll these food/drink mentions- all sounds so darn delicious! Thanks for sharing these faves, Cyra!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Mack 🙂 It is always a pleasure to share about Vikingland, and although I can’t eat big meals, I do enjoy a lot of the food in Denmark… I’ll probably post more about it, after going through my (tons of) pictures 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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