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Good vibes, please!



Not for me, no worries.

No. A little less than a month ago, I’ve started training a new co-worker. Needless to say that I was not thrilled at first. For one thing, as usual, I was only told a week prior that I’d be giving that training. And if you’ve had your seat in my Cove for a while, you probably know that I’ve given a number of trainings over the last years, that didn’t succeed (due to trainees going back to their home countries, quitting because they didn’t like the job, or getting fired for not filling our requirements).

Surprisingly, this time, the stars seem to be aligned.

A, my still pretty new trainee, is amazingly clever, curious, invested, hard working and has the best attitude to complete the training.

Almost from day one, I kept telling my bosses how lucky we are to have him, especially given the shortage of applicants that happened during the pandemic.

But A is an immigrant, originally from Tunisia.

And he is waiting for the confirmation of his Canadian permanent residence permit, after four years of hard work here in Montréal. He only told me about that today, while sharing a well earned break.

I was telling him that I was very pleased (understating), with his progress, and he said:

I try my best… But I must admit, these days I am a little distracted by the fact that I am waiting for important news (read, confirmation of permanent residence).

At first I thought, ”how well would you perform if you weren’t stressed?!?”. But I kept that to myself.

With that said, I really feel that A needs to get his confirmation, and the job in our department. And though I can’t really ask the rest of our team, I am pretty sure that’d they feel the same.

I promised A I would send my best vibes his way. The crucial email is due any coming day.

And, not that I want to make a political statement here, but Québec is (to my knowledge) the only Canadian province that screens immigrants before Canada provides them with permanent residence permits. And A has been accepted in Québec. He’s (we’re) just waiting for the country to acccept him in, and the delay seems a little silly to me, since Québec already did a thorough check up of his background.

Anyhow, I just wanted to ask you Lovelies to send any leftover good vibes, for A. He deserves them.

I promise!

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