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So much for Spring!



Tonight, roughly a fifth of the population of Québec, and half of Montréal’s is deprived of electricity.

Although Spring has officially started, we all know that it’s no guarantee that Mother Nature will behave. And today, she’s been a very very naughty girl.

We had been warned. Icy rain, for most of the day. Personally, my least favorite weather forecast, and by far. Because the rain transforms into ice as soon as it lands on whatever surface… Windows, sidewalks electricity wires  and of course, every tree branch around.

And we have a LOT of tall trees in Montréal. The metropolis is surprisingly green (at least during summer) but that blessing can suddenly turn into a curse, and it did today.

I went for a short walk this afternoon, after my shift. And what I witnessed was both incredibly beautiful and scary. The trees of the neighbourhood looked glorious with their fabulousy shining ice apparels. But ice is heavy, and everytime there was as little as a mild breeze, a thunderous sound resounded.

A simple walk to the convenience store turned into a scary puzzle to get back home. I tried to avoid having to walk under a tree (almost impossible) and rushed when I couldn’t.

Luckily, we’re amongst the few that didn’t lose electricity tonight in the neighbourhood. I’m very grateful for that. I am also fully aware that many people are living in much more difficult conditions… But you know, first world problems.

I’ll let you judge by the pictures I took along my walk.








Naughty, naughty Mother Nature.

Let us have Spring, at long last 😛

12 thoughts on “So much for Spring!

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Yinglan…
      I have a feeling lots of people underestimate the dangers of a ”good” icy rainstorm. It looks pretty harmless at first, but the sneaky ice slowly building makes a LOT of damage.
      Luckily, we didn’t experience something close to the terrible 1998 storm, that left people without electricity for as long as a whole month!

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      1. The last ice storm here was in 2013. I was in college back then. I fell a lot that day, thankfully, didn’t break my hip. Someone volunteered to lead me to the bus stop but I refused, I would rather crawl than walk that day. To these day, I always test my steps before walking in the winter. One can never be too careful when it comes to ice on the ground.


    1. Hey there, Gorgeous 🙂
      So nice to read your words again! Chéri and I are watching a new (for us) season of the Australian version of The Block, that was shot in February of 2020 (rings a bell?) It feels so weird to think that we were there.

      Back to the ice rainstorm, it WAS very wet and cold (two things that should never pair up, if you ask me). I wouldn’t say that Mother Nature was nice, but she did spare us the worst case scenario for sure, and I am quite grateful for that. We did lose a lot of trees in the neighbourhood (and I looooove my trees). But it wasn’t comparable with the tragedy that happened in 1998.

      But all in all, we’re all good now. And I hope you and Doug are doing well also 🙂 Love you two, dear friends xx

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      1. Lovely to hear back from you. That ice storm looks crazy, we’re sure experiencing lots of really bizarre weather patterns all over the world.

        I was literally talking to someone just the other day about you and Cheri and the amazing time we spent together back in 2020. Seems like a lifetime ago in many ways yet in others it feels like yesterday!

        Take care my friend. Enjoy The Block and who knows maybe we’ll see you out here one day again. We’d love that. Doug and I are both well and loving our new nomadic lifestyle.
        Big hugs and much love for now. xxxx 💗😊


    1. I won’t say that I’m glad, because I don’t wish an outage on your daughter, but I think that you need the power more than she does 😉

      We were quick blessed ourselves. We lost power in the middle of the night but luckily, since we live on a main street, the electricity was back before I came back from work.

      The joys of Freezingland 😛


    1. Awww thank you Anne 🙂
      I think we all feared a new 1998 black triangle…. But luckily, Mother Nature put a stop to her madness in time. It was a bit scary, but 24 hours later, everything has melted, and it just seems like Godzilla took a walk downtown 😛
      When are you, your better half and Biasini coming back home? 😉

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