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I’m sorry Ukraine…



I am sorry, because I’ve just learnt that Canada has betrayed you in the past, and in the most horrible way.

This is a part of our history that our back-then leaders tried hard to hide from us people. And hadn’t it be for the families that worked hard to make the ”That never happened” documentary happen, I probably never would have been aware of it.

Between 1914 and 1920, after inviting Ukrainian families to migrate to our country, the government created ”internment camps” (read concentration camps) to keep control over those who were considered as ”unfriendly aliens”. Many nationalities were targetted, but Ukrainians were the most impacted by that cruel, heartless policy.

Men, women and children lived in camps, across the country for years, fathers doing forced work in terrible weather conditions, and mothers struggling to keep their offsprings alive with little more than nothing to work with.

Almost 90,000 people were imprisonned wrongfully then.

But that’s not what angers me most.

Our government tried to make sure we wouldn’t know about what they did after it was over. They destroyed almost every site.

If you’re Canadian too, check out this documentary (I join the trailer’s link below). Please do. I know that we have a lot to handle with our First Nations’ flaws, but ignoring this part of our history just seems wrong.

Especially while we’re welcoming new Ukrainians because of the war with Russia.

Seriously, Ukraine…. I think I can talk for Canada in saying that we support you, and will be happy to welcome you. And this time, we will not try to eliminate you afterwards!


3 thoughts on “I’m sorry Ukraine…

  1. I’ve been reading a series of books and before this started it was lined out in one of the books that I read which is fiction but still it’s pretty scary because all of this was told in that book.I think because Ukraine is not the first headline in the news anymore that people forget that there are still people over there suffering and will continue to suffer until we do more and I mean the US, we need to do more.

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