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Birds… – Song inspired haiku challenge

  There’s an end to all, Birds fly, different directions Hope to see you ‘gain…     After posting my silly haiku, a while back, Carolina decided to host a new challenge mixing music and poetry. Everyone is welcome to join the challenge, and all your need  to do is choose a song, and write a…… Continue reading Birds… – Song inspired haiku challenge

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Show me yours…

  Now, don’t be fooled. I am not encouraging a peeping movement, in The Cove! I have nothing against ”kinky”, but I am certainly not showing you mine! LOL You’ll have to be satisfied with my Footsies’ selfies, and if you need to see more skin, I can show you the way to other blogs that…… Continue reading Show me yours…

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To Whom it May Concern…

  My little brother introduced me to the music of Jonna Emily Lee. Probably because she is Swedish. It is good enough a reason to get me interested in an artist. I am biased, I know… Mention Vikingland, and even if Denmark isn’t involved, I raise an eyebrow… Tonight the mysterious singer was performing in…… Continue reading To Whom it May Concern…

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Weekly Song Challenge #9

Beckie, from Beckie’s Mental Mess has invited me to join this challenge, hosted by Laura from Lauravent69. Thank you Ladies! I always enjoy a good challenge, so here’s my take on this one…   First, the rules; Copy rules and add to your own post, pinging back to this post. Post music videos for your answers to the…… Continue reading Weekly Song Challenge #9

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Say whut?

  Freja hates to have her picture taken. It is quite a shame, because the fluffy thing is so dang cute that she probably could have a blog of her own. Instead, all I get are grumpy shots, when she deigns to look my way. Mom’s cats on the opposite, LOVE the camera. And the…… Continue reading Say whut?

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Welcome to Freezingland! Part 2

  Freezingland is a quite lovely place to spend Winter in. If you like snow, more snow and a little snow on top of it, freezing temperatures and blow-you-off-your-feet winds, that is. I don’t mind all of this, as long as I have a warm blanket waiting for me at home at the end of…… Continue reading Welcome to Freezingland! Part 2

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Guaranteed giggles…

Or your money back! This is probably the video I would save, if YouTube had to go down, and we could keep just one souvenir of it! If you need a little laughing, do yourself a favor, and check this out. This master of improvisation has cracked me up everytime I played the video, which…… Continue reading Guaranteed giggles…