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Did you know?



We all know some of these little facts, mostly useless in our everyday lives, but still interresting when you take a minute to think about them.

They are burried into our brains, and rarely get to be discussed. Because, let’s face it, other than mentionning them, these facts are just… Facts. But interresting ones.

At least, I think so.

I love these little facts, and I thought… Why not share some of them with you Lovelies, to see if you knew about them too?

So, drumroll please!

Did you know… That otters have pockets?

The giant sea ferrets could rely only on their endless cuteness to keep our attention. But no, for some reason, evolution has provided them with small skin pockets under their ”arms”. Why, you might wonder? Obviously, otters don’t need to carry around a set of keys, or loose change…

And you’re absolutely right. But the little critters have mastered the art of cracking sea shells with rocks to snack on them (the sea shells, not the rocks!). And how do you carry your favorite rocks, when you need your paws to swim and catch said sea shells?

Nature could have taught otters to craft little seaweed purses, but instead, it went for armpit pockets. And I think that’s brilliant!

You have your doubts? I couldn’t blame you. There are so many lies on The Internets. Here is a short video, so you can see for yourself…



So. Did you know?


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