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I want to be a cat…

Now! I want to be a fluffy ball, to spend my free time on the couch… I want to nap whenever I wish to, to be told I am the cutest everyday, to get away with every silly thing I do… I want to be pet on the belly, but just when it pleases me.…… Continue reading I want to be a cat…

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Cute… or Odd?

No… I haven’t found the “off” switch on my brain yet (if someone knows where it is, tell me pleeeeeeaaaaase!). As part of my morning routine, I quickly scrolled down through what my Facebook friends had to say and show, and link in, since yesterday evening. I came across a cute video of a puppy…… Continue reading Cute… or Odd?

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After Christmas giggles….

  I know I said it several times before, but what can I do? I really like Word Porn, and I regularly steal some of their quotes to fill in spots here and there in the Cove, when time is lacking or if my inspiration is so-so. My usual way to choose one, is either…… Continue reading After Christmas giggles….