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This iz minz!


Days when Chéri and I are off from work at the same time are pretty rare.

When it happens, we try to catch up on stuff we need to do together. Like this afternoon, when we played barbershop in the bathroom. I’ve been cutting Chéri’s hair for years, and he was more than due for a trim (poor him, I cut one of his ears a little… First time ever!). So for a good fourty five minutes, we didn’t pay attention to Miss Freja.

Recently, Freja has been playing a new game we’ll call I want your place.

In short, even if she has about a hundred comfortable (and not so uncomfortable) places to nap, Freja sets her mind on either my, or Chéri’s place on the sofa. She’ll sit by the couch staring for the longest time, waiting for either of us to stand up. And she takes the free spot. That person giving up is usually me, because I move with my tablet to the other couch, across the room (yes, she could lie on that couch, but it would kill all the fun, wouldn’t it?)

When it got too easy to make me move, she upped her game. She would make me move to the second couch, and then stare at Chéri to make him scooch over to my place, so she could have his.

We thought about not giving her what she wants, but we are well trained and I figured that the lockdown was hard on everybody… So if it made her day to play with us like puppets, so be it.

Today, when we came back from the bathroom, this happened:


You thought a 7 pound cat couldn’t squat a whole couch? Think again!

14 thoughts on “This iz minz!

    1. Hahahahahahaha yes, we had a loooong ”box period”. Anyone visiting would have thought that we were about to move. We’ve kept Freja’s three favorite, and sent the rest of them to get recycled. Maybe that’s why she ”steals” our places now 😛


    1. LOL, yes, I think there’s a little bit of that… Freja does squat the bed just after we get up, and I think she enjoys the warm spots. But there’s definately a little puppet playing thing happening too 😛

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