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After Eight Moments…

Some people have mentionned that our precious little Freja always looks grumpy (I’m one of them). It is partly my fault, because I do get to choose which pictures I post. There’s also the fact that Freja hates it when I run after her to try to catch a good shot. I just wanted to…… Continue reading After Eight Moments…

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I had a dream…

  This has nothing to do with Martin Luther King’s 1963 speach, even if its anniversary was celebrated just a couple of days ago. No, I am not the deep kind, who will try to teach you important life lessons. I’m happy with just entertaining some of you (or at least trying my best). As…… Continue reading I had a dream…

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You really haz to stop thiz, Mumz!!

  Freja is, without a doubt, the most affected by the lockdown in our household. Chéri and I being at home 24/7 means too much love, too much cuddling, too much patting, too much attention altogether. Our grumpy princess hates not having her alone time anymore. So when I take my phone to take a…… Continue reading You really haz to stop thiz, Mumz!!

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Mumz! I iz a hovercraft!

  What better time to get the clipper out, and shave my furry beast, right? Chilliest time of year, and just before visiting grand-ma and her own two furballs! Let’s just say I am a cruel mom! But rest assured… I got scratched and hissed at my fair deal, and I gave Freja a good…… Continue reading Mumz! I iz a hovercraft!

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TGIF!… Not.

  Today, most people are in TGIF mode.     Except people who don’t work. Except people off work, and who are on vacation. Except people like me. Because today is the first day of my week… This week. Yeah, I just had 6 day off work, and will now work 6 days straight. And…… Continue reading TGIF!… Not.