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You really haz to stop thiz, Mumz!!



Freja is, without a doubt, the most affected by the lockdown in our household.

Chéri and I being at home 24/7 means too much love, too much cuddling, too much patting, too much attention altogether. Our grumpy princess hates not having her alone time anymore.

So when I take my phone to take a picture, I always get that ”Stop this!” look, if she dares looking at me (she usually looks anywhere else, as if I was invisible).

The following short video is an ad that plays everyday on tv. Freja rushes to the living room every time it is on, and chases the sing-along orance ball. But as you can see, as soon as she realizes I am filming, she stops playing altough she is still interested.

Don’t tell her, but I have a feeling that she’s not going to get rid of us anytime soon… Poor little thing!


14 thoughts on “You really haz to stop thiz, Mumz!!

    1. Thank you Candice 🙂 I wonder when in the history of cats, did red dots become the ultimate prey… I’ve had 9 or 10 cats in my life, they all had different characters, but they had one thing in common: Red dots are irresistible! LOL

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    1. She is… Grumpy, but adorable nonetheless 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the video, Joy!

      By the way, if you have a minute, I wrote a post inspired by this week’s Tuesday’s Thoughts post on your blog. It’s called ”It’s not boring…” 😛


    1. 😉 She does have big eyes, and she knows how to use them! I tell her every now and then that I’ll sell them at the pawnshop if we need money; they’ll be able to sell them as bowling balls 😛 Mouahahahahah


    1. I have no idea why they’re like that… But I suspect that she’s using my curling iron when I’m asleep, to have a good reason to be a poor hunter (I read that cats use their whiskers to better locate their preys) hehehehehe

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