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Cyranny’s quickie!



What mythical creature do you wish would exist, and why? 


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23 thoughts on “Cyranny’s quickie!

      1. I agree… I used to watch it in French (because… well, being a French speaker, it would make sense :P). And Philippe Noiret did the dragon voice. Enough to make me watch it about a hundred times 😉


  1. I’d love to have unicorns be ‘real’. They’re just so graceful and gorgeous; and one would never be in doubt about the virgins in the crowd… (that’s not the reason though). I just think unicorns are cool!

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    1. Ooooooh, you just reminded me of my college years. All my friends were HUGE fans of LOTR, and we binged watched the movies every now and then (I did fall asleep a couple of times… They were the long versions editions). I agree with you, Ents would rock!

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    1. Oh yeah… Hobbits are so cool! They have absolutely no malice… I’d make them true anytime. Especially Frodo (Fell in love with Elijah Woods’ eyes decades ago :P)


    1. I haven’t seen the movie… Definately have to put it on my to-watch list 😉 Then again, if it’s terrible, maybe I should spare myself? Regardless, I love unicorns too!! (But you already know that :P)

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