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I had a dream…



This has nothing to do with Martin Luther King’s 1963 speach, even if its anniversary was celebrated just a couple of days ago. No, I am not the deep kind, who will try to teach you important life lessons. I’m happy with just entertaining some of you (or at least trying my best).

As a matter of fact, this post is about a dream I had last night, and that I’ll have to blame Suzanne (from My Dang Blog) for. Just yesterday she discussed the (totally hillarious) parallel between kittens and sheep/goats fences. A little confused? I understand, but you’ll get it (and a good laugh) if you read Good kittens make good neighbours.

Soooo. Yesterday night, my brain obviously went to sleep with that post in mind, and just after I dozed off, decided to give it a little twist.

So I dreamt that I had been given a mutant kitten. The cute little thing was barely weaned, and we all know how adorable kittens are, at that age.

But… Having Freja, who is most likely blood related to the well known Grumpy Cat, I knew adopting this new little furball would be… Hummm… Complicated. I suspected something like the relationship between Garfield and Nermal, but a lot less children-friendly, and with a lot more claws and teeth involved. And hissing. And most probably blood, drawn from either one of them, or me, trying to keep them both alive.

Yeah, complicated.

Oh, and you might recall a little detail I mentionned earlier. This was not one of your usual stray cat kittens, found under your front porch one morning. It was a mutant kitten. How did I know it? My brain didn’t seem to care about that. Neither did it explain to me how I knew Nermal’s special power was to be able to turn into a tiny flame-ball. But that’s what I was left to deal with.

Of course, I could have returned the kitten to sender, but that would have sucked the fun out of that dream. No, instead, I prefered to keep the little guy, and start an around the clock tight surveillance of Nermal.

If some of you might think that having a flaming cat can be useful to reduce your heating bill, to light your BBQ, a bonfire in the back yard, or your candles when the electricity goes out in the middle of the night,  I would have to disagree.

I don’t know about you, but I personally have no clue how mutant kittens experiment with powers such as being able to produce fire. I’ve only had normal cats in the past, and I never trusted them completely. Even when they are not super-cats, they are just unpredictable.

What if Nermal had first set of fire while happily rolling my toilet paper out? Or while hiding under my bed, when I’m sleeping? It probably would take some time before the kitten really controled his power, but even then, could he be trusted with it??

I must say, it was the first time I thought about mutant cats… And I wondered if it was possible that Nermal had more than one special ability? I’m not sure it would make my neighbours very happy if the little critter found himself able to walk through walls, and use his fire talents in their apartments.

I know mutant kittens don’t exist (yet). But just in case some mad scientists would get interested in working on making it happen, I have a friendly advice.

Don’t, just don’t.

I only had to deal with one for one night, and I can definately say it’s not a good idea.


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