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Feasting upon the bones…

. I don’t do book reviews, simply because I don’t know how to make a good one. Sure, I could learn how to become a great reviewer (is that even a word?), but there are many awesome awesome bloggers that already do it a hundred times better than I could ever, so… I am making…… Continue reading Feasting upon the bones…

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Let’s party!

  Let’s chill the Champagne, Lovelies, because we do have something to celebrate! A year ago, I was thinking about doing something different in The Cove. In most parts of the world, people had already been locked down for a little more or less than two months, and I thought that I might not be…… Continue reading Let’s party!

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Thank you!

  Last year, at the beginning of the (first) lockdown, I decided to start a series of online weekend calls, to give people the chance to connect in a different way, here, in the Bloggosphere. To be absolutely honest, I was convinced that it would be a major flop, like many other ideas I had…… Continue reading Thank you!

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This reblog may contain some “shitload” — mydangblog

  I have weird obsessions…  Denmark (obviously), Mads (hey, I can’t control my hormones!!),  flags (gotta be a regular in the Cove to understand that one) and…  The word “shitload”! Thank you, whoever you are, who invented that great, giggle-maker word! Yeah, I like the word, it makes me laugh, and I use it as…… Continue reading This reblog may contain some “shitload” — mydangblog

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My dang dreams…

  I have the weirdest dreams…  Sometimes I think that my brain spends all day just trying to act normal, and behave. But as soon as my head hits the pillow, and I fall asleep, it goes into party mode. And by that, I mean opening all my souvenir drawers and throwing my well sorted…… Continue reading My dang dreams…

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And here’s to 20 more…

  Last Friday, I hosted my 20th Skypy session. In shorts, every week, I open a Skype conference room and share the link in The Cove, for anyone who is interested in joining for a little chat. It’s nothing fancy, just a place to meet, mingle and have fun. I started it five months ago,…… Continue reading And here’s to 20 more…

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Brilliant, or plain stupid?

Do you know Suzanne from My Dang Blog? No?? Please do yourself a favor, and run to her site right now! (well, you can wait until finishing this post, but I won’t hold it against you if you don’t) Today, Suzanne was talking about a presentation she had to prepare during her university years, that ended…… Continue reading Brilliant, or plain stupid?

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I had a dream…

  This has nothing to do with Martin Luther King’s 1963 speach, even if its anniversary was celebrated just a couple of days ago. No, I am not the deep kind, who will try to teach you important life lessons. I’m happy with just entertaining some of you (or at least trying my best). As…… Continue reading I had a dream…

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Thank you… and you! and you, you and you!

  Yesterday we had our eighth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. (yes, I’ll soon stop counting!) We’ve been doing this for two months already… Woot woot, us!! Thank you, Suzanne, Jay-lyn, Trina, Simon and Larry, for the visit. The meeting started with a lot of complaining about the (hellish) weather, most of said complaining coming from…… Continue reading Thank you… and you! and you, you and you!

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We have a liftoff!

  Yesterday took place the fourth Skypy Sunday Chat. I had reasonable expectations before opening the chat room… I knew that a couple of people had expressed an interest in joining in this week, but life being what it is, I also realized that I had no garantee anyone would show up. Last week, three…… Continue reading We have a liftoff!