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And here’s to 20 more…



Last Friday, I hosted my 20th Skypy session.

In shorts, every week, I open a Skype conference room and share the link in The Cove, for anyone who is interested in joining for a little chat.

It’s nothing fancy, just a place to meet, mingle and have fun.

I started it five months ago, because as much as I love Chéri, not seeing anyone else was starting to take a toll on my sanity (or what was left of it, mouhahahahaha). And I thought that, just maybe, some other people felt the same.

I think it just feels good to come together as bloggers, even if we don’t necessarily talk about blogging. We rant, we laugh, we debate, we share… And it’s all good. I just hope everyone hangs up with the same feeling I personally have, every week. Feeling good for having had such a good time with different people from different parts of the world.

Always a jolly time!

I just want to thank this week’s participants (in no particular order….apart from Trina. She just needs to come first)





Texas Larry @k@ Hokey

New York Larry


Usually, what happens during Skypy Friday, stays in the Skypy Friday chat room, but this week, we got exciting news, that I couldn’t not share. Suzanne’s latest novel,  The Seventh Devil, is available right now on Amazon for pre-order… And what can I say? If you like good writing, click on that link!! I’m waiting for my copy. I hope you’ll order yours, and support a (Dang) good blogger.

Here’s the synopsis of the book:

When nineteen-year-old runaway Verity Darkwood, flat broke and devastated by guilt, takes refuge in a bar to escape the unwanted attention of a stranger, she doesn’t expect to meet Gareth Winter, let alone become business partners with him. They discover that they each possess the ability to interact with the world “beyond the veil” and, with the help of Horace Greeley III, editor of the fantastical online journal The Echo, Verity and Gareth spend the next two years on the road, helping the earthbound spirits who haunt their clients to cross over, or exorcising the demons that plague them. But when they stumble upon a series of unsolved child abductions spanning decades which are eerily similar to the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Verity’s younger sister, they embark on a pursuit that will take them across Canada in their quest to find The Seventh Devil, the dangerous and mysterious figure who may be behind it all.


Here’s to 20 more meetings… Because it is fun, it is cool, and it is (I think) important. 

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