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It’s all about Trina…

This week I got a little surprise, in my mailbox. When Chéri delivered it to my office (aka our bedroom) with a puzzled look on his face, I took a much needed break to open the precious missive. I knew exactly where it came from, but it didn’t spoil my fun the least bit. Monkey,…… Continue reading It’s all about Trina…

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Uh oh…

    He couldn’t believe his luck, for finding this crack in the rock, just barely wide enough to squeeze himself to safety. For the moment, at least. His whole body shook uncontrollably. It seemed like fear was nibbling on every one of his nerves. He wished he would pass out. But he needed to…… Continue reading Uh oh…

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And here’s to 20 more…

  Last Friday, I hosted my 20th Skypy session. In shorts, every week, I open a Skype conference room and share the link in The Cove, for anyone who is interested in joining for a little chat. It’s nothing fancy, just a place to meet, mingle and have fun. I started it five months ago,…… Continue reading And here’s to 20 more…

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  It had been quite a journey… From that first thought of ruling the world to conquering countries one by one, relentlessly. She had started small. Anonymously building her strategic web from the comfort of her home, hiding under the cover of her apparently normal family life.   Soon, she had minions all over the planet,…… Continue reading Victory!

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Thank you… and you! and you, you and you!

  Yesterday we had our eighth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. (yes, I’ll soon stop counting!) We’ve been doing this for two months already… Woot woot, us!! Thank you, Suzanne, Jay-lyn, Trina, Simon and Larry, for the visit. The meeting started with a lot of complaining about the (hellish) weather, most of said complaining coming from…… Continue reading Thank you… and you! and you, you and you!

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Thank you… Again!

  Yesterday we had our seventh Skypy Sunday Chat Session. I can’t believe that next week, we’ll be celebrating two months of our weekly live meetings! Time sure flies by, and it seems to be even more true with many of our countries opening up again, after months of lockdown. It was great, again, to…… Continue reading Thank you… Again!

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Great mingling night!

  Yesterday we had our sixth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. To be absolutely honest, I almost cancelled this week’s meeting at the last minute. Not that I didn’t want to meet with you Lovelies, but the weekend have been a little rough on my mood. Saturday morning, it was the first time in months that…… Continue reading Great mingling night!

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A jolly good time!

  Yesterday we had our fifth Skypy Sunday Chat Session. I know I should have posted this earlier, but life just was against me, today. (Dang Murphy!) First of all, Mondays are usually a day off for me, ever since I accepted to take the day shift at work. But not today… No no no…… Continue reading A jolly good time!

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We have a liftoff!

  Yesterday took place the fourth Skypy Sunday Chat. I had reasonable expectations before opening the chat room… I knew that a couple of people had expressed an interest in joining in this week, but life being what it is, I also realized that I had no garantee anyone would show up. Last week, three…… Continue reading We have a liftoff!

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Raccoon & skunks…

I am a people pleaser… At least I try. Earlier, the fabulous Trina from It’s Good to Be Crazy Sometimes told me, and I quote: Ooooohh I want a photo of a raccoon and skunks. To which, I answered, and I quote: Wish granted!! (did you feel me waving my magic wand over your head??) I’ll…… Continue reading Raccoon & skunks…