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The Nazis were right!



That’s what she said.

And the above are her exact words.

I usually wouldn’t point fingers, especially when it comes to such sensitive matters. But she wouldn’t hesitate a split second if she was the one typing this post.

And though this might surprise many of you Lovelies, this questionable (if any) statement came from Trina, from It’sGoodtoBeCrazySometimes. Don’t worry about her getting mad at me, because I told her that I’d share her words, and she was actually quite excited when I mentionned that I would probably give my post the title ”The Nazis were right”.

Now, I can imagine that some of you are puzzled. Maybe even a little upset.

The reason to that, is that you lack the context of this conversation, Trina and I had. All I told you was that Trina told me ”The Nazis were right”. Which she actually did. 

And that’s what a lot of people seem to be doing on social medias. Quoting only parts of statements or articles coming from serious and trustable specialists. And out of the context of the whole speach or article, that quote can carry a message completely different from its author’s intent.

We should all be aware of that, when scrolling on The Internets. It is easy to jump to conclusions, after reading a title or a tweet.

Be curious, ask questions, do a little research before getting all worked up.

With that said, you might wonder how Trina could approve of anything the Nazis have done? The truth is, she never did.

We were just enjoying a little chat, when she said:

I don’t know why… I just feel like saying something really wrong.. Oh wait! I know… ”The Nazis were right!”

That was probably the wine talking. I joked about making a post about that awkward piece of conversation, there were good giggles…

And the rest is now history.   

9 thoughts on “The Nazis were right!

    1. Thank you, Anne. I think this is especially true in medias like Twitter and TikTok where people publish very short comments or videos without much explanation… Unfortunately, many don’t seem to be curious enough to dig a little deeper.


    1. I really hope that you read the whole post, and that I just didn’t expres myself clearly enough (which wouldn’t totally surprise me, given my French roots). Otherwise, you would just be proving my point.

      Neither me or Trina approve of anything related to the Nazis. The evil things they did to Jewish people (and others too…), are unforgivable, and unforgettable. And if it is the ”good giggles” that created the misunderstanding, I just want to point out, that I only laughed because that sentence, in Trina’s mouth, was as improbable as can be.

      With all of this said, I appologize if I offended you, or anyone else who has or will read this post.

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  1. So….yes….really terrible example there! – but yes, taking a small phrase out of context it is causing huge trouble and essentially people are using it to shape their own propaganda.
    It really is dangerous. Joe Bloggs is becoming a misleading, dangerous twit by spreading misquotes, half truths and complete falsehoods – all to meet his own political agenda.
    I am amazed that social media and the internet has become such a fierce political arena, with people becoming more and more unreasonable and willing to resort to inflammatory language and blatant propaganda to support their views. How is this not regulated?


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