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Daydream… -FFFC



Daydreaming was a super power she had mastered as a child.

The autumn wind blew, surprisingly warm on her cheeks, and the smell of the dead humid leaves felt like a soothing organic blanket as she went over the last days’ events one more time.

It was good to be away from the city, at least for a day.

At the same time, she had to fight a guilt wave slowly building by the minute… Though she knew she had no reason to feel that way.

It certainly wasn’t her fault, neither was it his.

Sometimes, Life just seemed to have plans it didn’t care to share with the people it concerned.

She had known Allan for years, now. She had spoken to him almost daily, but they rarely got to meet in person. She was taking care of her café, and he was the one everybody ran to when something needed to be fixed.

To be honest, at first, things weren’t easy flowing between them. But his humor had grown on her over time, and she had learnt how to defuse his grumpy fits. Slowly but surely, they had built a peculiarly symbiotic work relationship.

He had visited the café a couple of times, prior. Allan was good looking and charming, but not enough to make her think twice about their encounters. She was always glad to see him push the café’s door, because she knew he would take care of business. No more, no less. Okay, maybe because he was fun to be around too.

This week’s visit was different.

When he had bent over her shoulder to note down a provider’s phone number, something in her brain had just switched. She knew he was happily married, and remembered she wasn’t the mariage wrecker type, but for some reason, she wanted to forget about that.

Suddenly, Allan looked so sexy. She couldn’t explain it.

Butterflies flutters filled her stomach. She blamed pheromones for it, though she wasn’t sure if she believed in that kind of shit.

Lying between earth and sky, she wondered if she would regret this someday.

Hey Gorgeous, would you like a glass of wine?

She smiled, and nodded. No, she probably wouldn’t regret trespassing the unwritten line. And if she did in the end, she’d have the rest of her life to try to make up for it.

Sure, that would be lovely.



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