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Blown kisses… – FFFC

. Dear Josh, It has been a while, hasn’t it? I bet you weren’t expecting news from me anymore… Especially after parting ways in such abrupt ways. Maybe I should appologize for that, but I’m not big on excuses. At least, not anymore. Life is good here. I wish I could send you pictures, but…… Continue reading Blown kisses… – FFFC

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Sophia… – FFFC

. Oh, you’re already up, Sweetie? At the sound of her voice, Connor stepped up with surprise. Rubbing his palms over his not quite awake face, he was about to speak up when she continued. I made some coffee, and you have a pile of pancakes in the microwave, hun. Don’t forget to get eggs…… Continue reading Sophia… – FFFC

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The deal… – FFFC

. No, I’m really sorry ma’am… Robert hated disappointing people with a passion. Taking long deep breaths, he waited until the door chime bid farewell to yet another customer, before rushing to the backstore. Mister Flannaghan was sitting at his desk, as still as a manikin. For a couple of seconds, the young man wondered…… Continue reading The deal… – FFFC

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. Cold and wetTired and exhausted,She layHanging on forDear lifeIn the ruinsOf their battlefieldBed…Her once King,Her once kingdomTorn, destroyedAnd now longGone.The violent silenceMaking her feelThat her very fleshIs getting rippedLike a peel…Slowly agonizing,She looks DeathIn the eyes,Begging for yetAnother breathRefusing to sayGoodbye… . . In response to Fandango’s Fandango’s Story Starter.

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Thomas… – FFFC

. The little boy’s head was resting peacefully on his lap, when Walter closed the book and put it away. Nap time was their special grand-pa to grand-son moment every day, since Walt had moved in the apartment just upstairs from his dear daughter Lilly. She hadn’t agreed at first, perhaps feeling that having her…… Continue reading Thomas… – FFFC

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Skip… – FFFC

. Staring at the picture, her heart skipped a beat. She vividly remembered the first time she had laid eyes on it. It wasn’t a very long time ago, but now it felt like an eternity. From the start, he had been so very mysterious, and in a way, it was one of the reasons…… Continue reading Skip… – FFFC

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Not quite human… – FFFC

. He couldn’t help the eye rolling when he heard the shower water running. She had been in the bathroom for a good hour, and when she turned the tap off, he could imagine Iza sitting in front of her mirror, putting on her wrapped in a towel head. She would soon come out, wearing…… Continue reading Not quite human… – FFFC

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Me too! – FFFC

. They couldn’t have wished for a better day… The sun was warm, and the adults were resting in the the shadow of a tall oak tree. Who would have thought, right? It had been Tricia’s idea, to finally meet in this park they all knew so very well. Just weeks before, they were perfect…… Continue reading Me too! – FFFC

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The one that got away… – FFFC

. Practice does make perfect… He thought to himself. Sitting on his stool, he knew it was time to take a break. Of course, he still saw imperfections here and there. Some of his brush strokes were a little clumsy, but he had spent so much time in front of the canvas that trying to correct…… Continue reading The one that got away… – FFFC

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Don’t you dare…

. . Don’t you wantTo brushA curious fingerAcross my soft petals?Let your noseBe guided ByMy vibrant fragrance?Aren’t you,Tempted, to stepOne step closerTo my carnivorous heart?While, withA thousand Tender tendrils,I strap myselfOnto you? I’ll onlyWarn you once…Don’t you dareCome any closer!     Meek attempt at Fandango new Story Starter Challenge.