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Willy… – FFFC

It had been a lovely day so far, how could it not end well? Just like any other wednesday, Willy had spent the afternoon playing for the residents of his neighbourhood’s senior home. Nothing like the gigs he and his band had had back in the days… But at least, his strumming fingers and deep…… Continue reading Willy… – FFFC

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Camelia… – FFFC

Checking his cell phone, he noticed that it was about time to start. There were a few people late at their meeting point, but his website was very clear about that. They could always catch the group later, using the downloadable map online. Alright people! My name is Chris and I’ll be your guide today……… Continue reading Camelia… – FFFC

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Friendly strangers – FFFC

She couldn’t remember who the first one had been… To her defence, it was a long long time ago. Back when she wouldn’t even notice their presence. But they were there, no doubt about that now. Where they had come from, she didn’t know. Why they had come to her, she couldn’t say. They just…… Continue reading Friendly strangers – FFFC

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No!! – FFFC

The bells rang as she opened the laundromat’s door. Holding two black coffees, and a bag of donut holes, she walked straight to him. She had planned a longer walk around the neighbourhood (It was his turn taking care of their laundry, after all, and he didn’t hesitate disappearing for a couple of hours, when…… Continue reading No!! – FFFC

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Jack… – FFFC

She entered her apartment, pushed the door closed and locked it. Home sweet home! There was no better feeling than coming back to her little cozy nest, after a long day of working. Still carrying her big kaki duffle bag over her shoulder, she threw the keys on the coffee table on her way to…… Continue reading Jack… – FFFC

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Stanley… – FFFC

Looking up to the subway stations’ map, he suddenly had a doubt. It had been years since the last time he had used this way of transportation, and it had considerably changed. Or maybe it was only him… He didn’t remember the wagons being so crowded, or the train going this fast. It really was…… Continue reading Stanley… – FFFC

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Toxic… – FFFC

When she spotted him in the café, she rushed to the door. Oh Mark!!  She passed the door, and ran into his arms, just like a little girl. He hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head, while she uncontrollably squealed against his chest. Calming down, she took her purse and moved to…… Continue reading Toxic… – FFFC

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All roads lead to… – FFFC

You really should stop feeding these flyin’ rats, Ian! The two old men sat on the bench, just as they did pretty much every day the weather allowed them to. The park was the perfect spot, to say the least, to keep an eye on all the neighbourhood’s whereabouts. And keeping up to date with…… Continue reading All roads lead to… – FFFC

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Blurry… – FFFC

    She had been holding the picture for a while now, and her lack of reaction spoke loudly. He thought about pleading the uniqueness of the shot, the very artistic angle one could see in it. But he still had a will to live, so he settled with just shutting up, and letting her…… Continue reading Blurry… – FFFC

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The sign… – FFFC

    It had been days now. Days of terror, living with an unknown threat. At first, the whole village had tried to keep things going, probably hoping that the fury would stop just as it had begun. Overnight, and leaving them unhurt. When they had wakened up, one morning, to find that three of…… Continue reading The sign… – FFFC