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FFF Challenge – Last morning

  Oh damn, already? She rolled in the heavenly duvet and hoped she still had a couple of days ahead of this room service, roof top swimming pool and sun tanning on her private terrace. The luxurious penthouse felt like home, though she wasn’t the home sweet home kind of girl. But the message on her…… Continue reading FFF Challenge – Last morning

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Last stop…

  Well, that’s just silly, if you ask me… Helen said as they pulled over in the empty parking lot. Are these people flat-Earth believers?? I mean, one can always drive back to where they came from…  Jim didn’t pay attention to the blabbering as he watched the needle dangerously flirting with the red ”E” on the…… Continue reading Last stop…

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Been, uh?

  This wasn’t my idea. It is totally Fandango’s fault! I was at work, just going through the latest posts around, leaving a “like” and a comment here and there, when I came across Fandango’s Been There or Not. There was a world map involved, so I invited myself in, and discovered that you could…… Continue reading Been, uh?

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Between Bloggers – Peer influence.

As bloggers, most of us aim to please. I’ve come across a couple of bloggers that paid little, if any attention to what their readers liked and disliked about their blog, but in general, I think we get influenced by what people say on our or other people’s blogs. Fandango’s latest post (you can read…… Continue reading Between Bloggers – Peer influence.

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New game! Yes, a silly quizz just for you! (& the result)

A couple of weeks back, I told you Lovelies how your nicknames and blog titles made me notice little details of my day to day life. Things that I’ve been seeing for years, but just didn’t really notice before… And I decided to post these little things that make me think about you, out of…… Continue reading New game! Yes, a silly quizz just for you! (& the result)