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She’s a little runaway… – FFFC



The train station was empty and her high heels resonated eerily on the freshly rain-washed concrete.

She was a bit ahead of schedule, but who could have blamed her? A new life awaited her, and she was eager to leave town, to wherever her feet would lead her.

People usually feared the unknown. She didn’t. She had come to be scared of everything usual, everything expected. For almost a decade now, after both her parents had perished in a gruesome car accident, she’d had to live with the only member of their family that could afford to bring her up.

But money doesn’t necessarely rhyme with good intentions, and uncle Philip had turned her little nine years old girl’s life into hell, overnight.

She reached into her pocket, and opened her cheap flip-phone to check her messages. Nothing, dammit!

Philip had made her pay, for every dollar he had spent for her. And she would probably need two life times to let all of her wounds heal.

She checked her phone again, still nothing. Time was running out.

The sun was starting to peek over the horizon… She sighed.

She dreamed of one night, not fearing to hear her bedroom door squeek open. She dreamed of taking a shower without looking over her shoulder. Of never, never again smelling Philip’s stench on her skin.

The cell phone vibrated in her hand.

Do you like fireworks?

She smiled, typing her answer.

Who doesn’t?

Her heart skipped a beat. She imagined Philip’s house turning into a bonfire. She didn’t risk mentioning the body her accomplice was supposed to have planted onsite, so the police would think that she had died in the fire too.

Giving her a little more time.

The train was entering the station, so she typed quickly.

I owe you one, big time. xx

She threw the cell phone under the train’s wheels.

Hello Life! – she said, and her high heels made their way in the wagon.


Via Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge

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