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Wounded Angel…

  Oh fallen angel, Fragile silhouette What, in Heaven’s Name happened to you? Are you crying Behind your snow white Blindfold, or are They just protecting You From the ugliness of Our ungrateful world? Oh angel, Beautiful creature Where are they Taking you? Shouldn’t You be the one Guarding us? Your arched shoulders Ruffled feathers,…… Continue reading Wounded Angel…

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Hard to get…

  His last message had been waiting for an answer for several days, when the new one lit up her screen. Are you playing hard to get, dear? She smiled. If only she could afford to play with men that way. She giggled at the very thought of being a femme fatale, making gentlemen run…… Continue reading Hard to get…

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Wild dreams… – FFFC

    Abso-fuckin’-lutely perfect! His words echoed against the tall brick walls. He had long dreamt of this place, and had spent years looking for it. By himself… Well, almost. He entered the football-field sized abandoned warehouse, and walked around, looking up and down, imagining how great that could, no… How great that would soon be. It…… Continue reading Wild dreams… – FFFC

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A magic touch… – FFFC

    Wake up, handsome! When he opened his eyes, he didn’t feel any pain, but a weird numbness kept him from moving a single muscle… Slept well, Dear? She was sitting on top of him, gloriously naked under a crimson open silk night robe. The memories were slowly coming back to him, while he…… Continue reading A magic touch… – FFFC

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Visit to the post office… – FFFC

  Please tell me you were kidding, George! The two elder men stood in the dusty room, after promising to take the keys back to the building’s manager after having a look around. George was a smooth talker, and had easily convinced the young man that he had worked at the old post office before…… Continue reading Visit to the post office… – FFFC

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The choice… – FFFC

    Hurry, Sarah! She didn’t do well, under pressure. Not well at all. She did recall how some friends from college used to say that they enjoyed pressure. That the sense of emergency oddly made them think clearer. As if time slowed down in their heads, even coming to a short halt for some…… Continue reading The choice… – FFFC

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King of the road… – FFFC

    I aiiin’t got nooooo cigarettes! She turned her last pack upside down to find she had smoked the last one, already. Why didn’t she stop at the last gas station, she couldn’t say. Maybe it was the call that had made her rush her way through. Now she regreted not making the quick stop.…… Continue reading King of the road… – FFFC