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Family business – FFFC

    Lying down on his stomach, his face resting on the burning sand, all he could see, beside the dune’s slope and the cloudless sky were the silhouettes of the two guys who had brought him that far into the desert. He had been uncounscious for most of the ride, and had absolutely no…… Continue reading Family business – FFFC

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Unexpected help – FFFC

    They had left so early in the morning, that they had walked in complete darkness most of the way, so far. For the first time in his life, Vohne had wished the sun wouldn’t rise above the horizon. He knew Cibelle was probably capable of postponing dawn. Unfortunately, that would mean losing energy…… Continue reading Unexpected help – FFFC

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The catch – FFFC

    Ok, so we’re going on the count of three, Frank. 1… 2… 3! Forcing the door of the chic condo, the two officers walked in, holding their guns nervously. They could have heard a fly buzzing around. Of course, they didn’t expect her to be waiting for them legs crossed, sipping on a…… Continue reading The catch – FFFC

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  Look around, these Fields of snow… Endless and empty It’s all I know. Walking barefooted, Unarmed, unwounded Counting my steps Slightly astounded… I go on, and forward I march some more, Not feeling My legs anymore, anyway! I couldn’t possibly Care any less. I gave up hope, High expectations, success. For, after all The…… Continue reading Frozen…

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Until Sunrise…

   She wasn’t a big fan of regrets… Then again, who was, really? Oh, of course most people said they did their best not to have regrets haunting them on their death bed. But very few actually dared themselves like she did. Constantly challenging herself, she took every bet Life put on her way. Except…… Continue reading Until Sunrise…

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She Empathy…

  To say that he had doubts about this strange encounter would have been an understatement… This was plain weird, to begin with. He didn’t believe in any of that new age stuff. But what did he have to lose? He hadn’t slept a single night through since it had happened. The pain and the…… Continue reading She Empathy…

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The second floor window…(November 1st FFF)

I was invited (well, not personally, but still…) to join the Fandango’s Friday Flashback! Fandango scrolls back, every Friday, and gives a second chance to a post he had published on the same date the year before. I thought it was a great way to remember some of the stuff I did a while back, and I decided to participate… So…… Continue reading The second floor window…(November 1st FFF)