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Peculiar visit… (Part 3)



You can read part 1 and part 2.


Laura’s musical laughter echoed in the open-spaced apartment.

She obviously wanted to say something, but her uncontrollable giggles got her gasping for air. In an effort to appologize for her cruel sense of humor, she put her glass on the low table, leaned towards Christian, and gently squeezed his knee.

No, silly… I’m kidding, of course! Though I must admit it is quite flattering that you believed I could actually be your daughter.

She scooched closer, and lay her head on his shoulder. Still recovering from the shock, Christian could smell fresh spiced vanilla in her hair. He knew her sweet funky perfume would probably haunt him for a while…

I’m sorry, really. I am! I hadn’t planned this joke. You looked so worried about my intentions… It just came to my mind like that, and I thought you simply wouldn’t believe me.

Laura turned his way, and their noses were now inches apart. Christian could even feel her breath on his beard. ”What is she up to?” he wondered. But he didn’t have to wait much longer to know what was on her mind.

I am not a freak, Christian – God, his name sounded cool, coming from her crimson lips – Let’s start over! You fill our glasses again, and I’ll tell you everything you need to know. No more jokes, I promise… What do you say?

He nodded and as quick as she had snuggled against him, she was back at the other end of the sofa. Christian picked the bottle, and refilled both their glasses, hoping she would respect her part of the deal.

He looked at her, from the distance.

So, why did you really insist to meet with me?



To be continued…

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