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Precious dawn…

  Vohne hadn’t slept a single minute, but he couldn’t care less. Just being close to her again sufficed to find him absolutely content, in the early morning’s light. Sure he had spend the night trying to process the eve’s revelations, but he didn’t feel tired at all. Cibelle lay just next to him, where…… Continue reading Precious dawn…

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Lucky…(Wilfred, the retired gentleman)

  Linda had always earned her name… She was, indeed, beautiful. Always had been, even in her bad days. She was beautiful all the way, inside and out. He knew it, and even if the years had worked against them, Wilfred had never given up. And boy, was he glad he hadn’t. They weren’t meant…… Continue reading Lucky…(Wilfred, the retired gentleman)

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Lucky… (Maria, the lonely nanny)

    Friday night meant going back home for Maria. Unfortunaly, this weekend, she wouldn’t be able to spend as much time as she would have wished, with her precious son. Sebastian was a sweet, brilliant kid. Every Friday he waited for her in the livingroom’s bay-window. As soon as she stepped out of the…… Continue reading Lucky… (Maria, the lonely nanny)

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In the still of the night…

  After Cibelle’s departure, a first night came about, followed by an empty first day. Vohne walked around, without a goal other than waiting for the return of his Love. The daytime wasn’t so terrible. As a matter of fact, the hours went by quite quickly. It was when darkness set in, that worries tightened…… Continue reading In the still of the night…

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Lucky… (Grace, the wealthy wife)

  Grace sighed with relief as she put down the phone to recharge it. She knew it irritated him, even if she was talking to her own brother. She normally would have waited until Christian left for work, but she would have missed Steven. Madame…? She jumped at the sound of Maria’s voice. Pulling her…… Continue reading Lucky… (Grace, the wealthy wife)

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Lucky… (Steven, the young father)

    The alarm clock said 7:23, when Maya’s crying woke Steven up. He brushed his fingers on the buttons to turn off the clock. Oh how he longed for the day he would actually get woken by the alarm. Was wanting to sleep four hours straight really too much to askĀ  for? He rolled…… Continue reading Lucky… (Steven, the young father)

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Lucky… (Jack, the barfly)

  It’s a hell of a ride, kid… Let me tell you that! The old man hit the wooden counter with his empty glass, making his intentions clear. The place wasn’t what you’d call fancy, but it had a soul, and the beer was cheap. Not the kind of bar where the hip hung out,…… Continue reading Lucky… (Jack, the barfly)