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Family Flashes…



Every now and then, my brain goes traveling down Memory Lane for no specific reason. And it comes back with a totally random very specific piece of my past.

Usually something that has to do with my childhood.

Chéri is very familiar with these Family Flashes, because I always feel the need to share them with him, when they happen.

I thought I’d start a little series, like a scrapbook of these tiny bits of my life.


 As some of you Lovelies might know already, my aunt M passed away two weeks ago.

Yesterday, our extended family, her friends and the Christian community she was very implicated in, attended a celebration of her bumpy road of a life. It wasn’t really a funeral, as the mourning we are all going through rhymes more with relief than loss.

I met with many people, that I hadn’t seen in years. And since smalltalk is a little unconfortable in this kind of situation (because we aren’t up to date with the usual casual topics discussed in normal gatherings), we almost instinctively drifted along Memory Lane instead.

I was reminded of many family puzzle pieces I had forgotten, and retold stories from our common past. It kind of felt like a six hours long intense family patchworking session.

This post might not really qualify as a Family Flash per sé, but you know, my blog my rules. And though I don’t have the energy to tell all the stories I heard and told, it was a day full of family rememberance.

Way too much peopleing, but still good in the end.





One thought on “Family Flashes…

  1. I don’t want a Funeral when I die. I want a Karaoke Party with all who cared and they can sing or listen to the songs that reminds them of me. Hopefully, the song ‘Bitch’ won’t be sung to often.


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