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While in Paris… – FFFC

. It was that time of the evening, when the rocking chair started to make the wooden floor squeak. Soon, Clarisse would help her grand mother into bed, and head downstairs, to her own apartment. She enjoyed these quiet moments spent with her Nonna. Many didn’t understand her dedication to the old lady, but it…… Continue reading While in Paris… – FFFC

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At the aquarium… – FFFC

Moooooooooom! I want to go see them! She didn’t feel like it. As much as she loved her offspring, she sometimes wished she could let him go by himself, and enjoy time by herself. She felt selfish thinking just that. The little one would grow up and get independant quicker than she’d want it. Mooooooooooooooooooooooooom!!…… Continue reading At the aquarium… – FFFC

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This morning I woke up to a short, yet surprisingly intense trembling of the earth. It might have been just an earthquake, but for Chéri and I, it was a shockwave announcing a tragedy. Chéri was getting ready to work, and I still lay in bed, contemplating the day off in front of me. My mother asks…… Continue reading Shockwave…

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Blurry branch…

    I remember hearing people say how they had blocked souvenirs about their past, until one little thing had unlocked them. And I could hardy believe that such extensive memories could be ignored by one’s brain for years… It just seemed like these people just didn’t want to remember these moments or events. Until…… Continue reading Blurry branch…

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Dark times…

Last week, I came across a documentary about a rather dark episode of Montréal’s history. In the fifties and the sixties, hundreds of patient of the Allan Memorial Institute (above picture) were used as guinea pigs for extensive experimental researches. Dr Ewen Cameron was known to be the best Canadian psychiatrist back then, and he…… Continue reading Dark times…

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Happy Easter!

My family doesn’t really celebrate Easter anymore. Back, when I was a kid, it was a very special holiday. The night before, Mom and Dad would hide mini chocolate eggs around the house, and Little Bro and I would wake up very early in the morning to check if the Easter Bunny had visited us.…… Continue reading Happy Easter!

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Lockdown parenting… – FFFC

I really think we should find better fitting hobbies for the kids, John. It was one of the very few moments of the day, when the young couple could spend time a little alone time with each other. John sipped on his coffee, slowly nodding. Maybe, but quite honestly, I had already run out of…… Continue reading Lockdown parenting… – FFFC

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Stanley… – FFFC

Looking up to the subway stations’ map, he suddenly had a doubt. It had been years since the last time he had used this way of transportation, and it had considerably changed. Or maybe it was only him… He didn’t remember the wagons being so crowded, or the train going this fast. It really was…… Continue reading Stanley… – FFFC

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Toxic… – FFFC

When she spotted him in the café, she rushed to the door. Oh Mark!!  She passed the door, and ran into his arms, just like a little girl. He hugged her tight and kissed the top of her head, while she uncontrollably squealed against his chest. Calming down, she took her purse and moved to…… Continue reading Toxic… – FFFC