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I don’t do selfies…



But when a filter can give me a cartoonish look, giving the impression that I could be somewhat goodlooking, I sometimes break my own rule.

Especially if I am not alone on said-selfie.

And honestly, whenever I go out with J or Little Bro, I know there is a high risk of selfie-taking. Because all three of us have kept our inner child very much alive, and there’s no saying what will happen when we spend time together (me and J, or me and Little Bro, because I don’t recall a time that we did something altogether, and all for the better because I have a feeling we’d be dangerous).

Yesterday, I had invited Little Bro to see a theater play downtown. I was supposed to go with my dear friend G, who sadly tested positive to covid the night before. I felt really sorry for her, and for not getting to spend the day with her, but I totally understood.

And who do I  turn to, for a last minute invitation? Yup. Little Bro. First, because I have a feeling that (like me) he much prefers last minute plans, than stuff scheduled weeks or months in advance. If he’s free, he’s free. If he’s not, he’s not.

But above that because, I must say, I crave every opportunity to spend a little one on one time with him. When we were kids, we fought so much that a time came (in my teenage years, I think) when I believed we’d never get along. But our sibbling relationship was like a good wine. We just had to let it age, to appreciate it.

Maybe the problem is that I realized early that I was just a practice round for Mom and Dad. And that Little Bro is their masterpiece. Ok, he was crying a lot as a baby and had an attitude problem as a child (and a lack of filter).

But he grew up to be a beautiful man, inside out. And he is so much more intelligent than me.  My guess is that my opinion of him changed when I realized it felt better being proud of being his Big Sis, than being jealous of him.

Ok, sorry for the big detour, so we went to that play, yesterday.

And then we decided to walk together downtown Montréal. At some point, we found ourselves in front of a mythic bar, Les Foufounes Électriques. We realized that neither of us had ever spent an evening there. And, as a joke I proposed to get in, take a selfie and get out. You know? Just to check that off our to-do list. Been there, done that!


And I am sorry, because I did blur our picture a bit to make me look better. But it doesn’t do justice to Little Bro’s good looks. Too bad for you, but anyway, he’s already found love. So.

That’s that.

I love my very own Little Bro a big deal. Pretty much like when he was born, but back then, I didn’t know he would put our relationship in a blender for some years… But no blender can mess sibbling love.

What do you think?

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